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10% off Numeracy Skills Practice Tests

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The best way to prepare for your professional qts numeracy skills tests is by using online practice tests that are in the same format as the exam. Our advice is to always make use of the free materials on the internet before paying for anything, so here is the list of freebies:

1. The free government tests

Be careful not to overuse these tests, once you have sat them twice they start to lose their value as you answer the questions from memory rather than method.    

2. Use our model solutions to help you work through the Dfe tests and see where you are going wrong.

QTS YouTube Videos can be a useful to help learn topics you are struggling with and develop new methods.


3. Use our free numeracy skills test to give you even more practice.


4. Take a look at our QTS help sheet which gives you some conversion and equations to learn

Click here to view  

Once you have exhausted the list of freebies then you will need to select a testing package. For most people the free list of resources aren’t sufficient practise, especially not the DfE tests which don’t include all of the new question types that appear in the actual exam. To access the most up to date resources you need to access QTS Maths Tutor.

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