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21 Numeracy Skills Tests

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Here at QTS Maths Tutor, we have one purpose and one purpose only; to help people pass the numeracy skills test and allow them to progress on their desired career path of becoming a teacher. So, with that in mind you may be asking yourself how do we actually do that? Well, here at QTS Maths Tutor we provide 21 online practice tests. These practice tests are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. We use the most up to date topics and question types to create our practice tests. But we do not stop there. Alongside the practice tests we have also developed worksheets, model solutions and even video solutions.

So there is plenty of resources to sink your teeth into. Once again though this is not all that we provide. A lot of peoples first thought when beginning their revision is to use the help of a numeracy skills book. So, we have put together our own book, with all the best tips and tricks on how to maximise the number of marks you can get on each section of the test. Before you even consider purchasing any materials, whether they be ours or someones else, make sure you make use of all of the free materials out there including our free numeracy skills test.

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