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BCU Equivalency Test

By QTS Maths Tutor|2021-10-05T15:37:45+00:00October 5th, 2021|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
The BCU equivalency test is designed for anyone interested in admission to QTS Maths Tutor’s teacher training program, the BCU equivalency exam excludes other Universities and other alternative teacher training programmes. The BCU is an internally designed exam that has not been externally assessed or standardised,  there is not a way to know if the topics covered are GCSE-level or if the pass scores are in any way related to GCSE grades. A BCU equivalency test’s result is not equivalent to a GCSE, and it may only be used to obtain admission to BCU’S PGCE teacher training program.    FQA   Who has to sit the BCU equivalency test?  Upon enrolling into a PGCE program, anyone without a GCSE in Maths, English or Science will be required to take a BCU equivalency exam  Will my training provider accept a BCU equivalency test result? If you are not enrolling on BCU, you should search for a different equivalency test provider. What is the cost of a BCU equivalency test?  The cost will vary depending on which course you take and the number of tests you sit. BCU requires that you pay an admission fee, this is at a fixed price and must be paid upfront before booking your examinations.  What is in the BCU maths equivalency test?  Despite the fact that the BCU Maths equivalency test includes a number of important GCSE topics, it is not evaluated against any recognised GCSE standard or exam board  What is in the BCU English equivalency test?  The test is not related to or comparable to any specific exam board, regardless of the fact that it incorporates elements of the GCSE English language specification.  What is in the BCU Science equivalency test?  The AQA combined science test subjects are mentioned below. Even though its uncertain why certain themes were chosen, and the URLs on the BCU web page don’t appear to match    Cell Biology Transport in Cells Organisation Bioenergetics Atomic Structure Periodic Table Bonding

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