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About the QTS Specialist Tuition

About the QTS Maths Tutor Specialist Tuition

Getting support from a specialist tutor is essential when preparing for specific tests such as the QTS, GCSE Equivalency and Numerical Reasoning tests.  The average student books 5 lessons and our overall pass rate is above 95% across all tests!

The tuition lasts an hour and we can get you set up with a tutor usually within 48 hours, so if your test is in a week, don’t panic we can help.

Why have Specialist Tuition

Getting help from a numeracy skills expert can give you confidence and equip you with the mathematical methods you need to succeed when taking your final exam. A general GCSE Maths tutor will not know the format of your exam or the bits you need to memorise. Yes they can help with the general maths of your test but they will not know the format, tricks and quick wins that a specialist does.

Why use a QTS Maths Tutor

Our numerIcal and GCSE Equivalency tutors are not just GCSE Maths teachers, they are experts in the tests they tutor. GCSE Maths and numeracy skills maths are quite different especially when you factor in the difference in exam format. Our tutors know the topics and methods inside out. From proportion questions on to curves, tables and graphs, we can help you with every question and because our tutors do this every single day, any issue you are having they will have seen 1000 times before and will know how to help you overcome it.

How does the tuition work?

You call or email us, we set you up with an expert tutor for your test. You then have your initial lesson and then decide which discount package you want to book. Most lessons last an hour and in most cases the first lesson is delivered online. If you want an in person tutor we can look to organise this for you as well, but encourage people to have the online lesson first as this is risk free, (If you aren’t happy with the lesson then you simply request a refund), cheaper and best of all the average pass rate is much higher as the online tutors are full time specialists.

I’m scared and embarrassed about my Maths skills, can you help?

You don’t have to be!!! We see many different people every single day, some of whom start by struggling with basic maths skills but still go on to pass! Don’t take my word for it, read our Trustpilot reviews and learn about other people’s experiences. You are not alone in finding your maths test difficult, but with hard work and determination and if required, a little extra help from an expert tutor, you can pass this test!

Can you help me with my GCSE Equivalency Test as well?

Yes, we have expert GCSE Equivalency test tutors who specialise in one of the 4 tests. So whether you want help with equivalency maths, English, Science or even Biology, or GCSE Equivalency tutors are here to help. Visit our dedicated GCSE Equivalency Test page for more information or book a tutor via the form above.

Do you have numerical reasoning tests that I can use to practise?

Yes, we have a dedicated support service that provides free numerical reasoning practice tests to help you prepare for these tests.

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