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Visit The Exam Tutor to speak to an expert who will be able to match you with a specialist tutor for your Numerical reasoning, QTS interview test, functional skills or GCSE Equivalency test.


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About The Exam Tutor Specialist Tuition

About The Exam Tutor Specialist Tuition

You can book a GCSE equivalency test or functional skills tutor to help you with your exam prep. These tutors are specialists in each exam and have developed tuition courses specifically aimed at helping you to pass the exam.

Why have Specialist Tuition

Getting help from a numeracy expert can give you confidence and equip you with the mathematical methods you need to succeed when taking your final exam. A general GCSE Maths tutor will not know the format of your exam or the bits you need to memorise. Yes they can help with the general maths of your test but they will not know the format, tricks and quick wins that a specialist does. This is why it is advised to get a GCSE equivalency or functional skills maths tutor specifically so they can tutor you for the exam you are taking.

Why use The Exam Tutor

The Exam Tutor offers specialist 1-2-1 functional skills maths level 2 tuition as well as GCSE equivalency test tutors. It is this experience within each specific exam that makes The Exam Tutor different to other tuition services.

How does the tuition work?

Simply click through to the website and you have a few options: either call, submit a form or register for a tuition class. The tuition works in two ways, either 1-2-1 or small group lessons. We advise to opt for the small group sessions as they tend to be more collaborative and you will be able to mix with other learners in the same position as you. The lessons are always hyper focused on exam outcomes so it is no surprise that exam questions and exam technique are often the centre of attention.

I failed GCSE maths, will I pass my functional skills maths level 2?

We have helped thousands of learners who have struggled with maths for many years, overcome their fears and obtain a level 2 qualification. The first thing to mention is that functional skills maths doesn’t contain nearly as much content as the GCSE and it excludes topics such as algebra. With the expert support of a functional skills maths tutor we see many maths haters go onto pass their functional skills, even if they have taken it a few times before without success.

Can you help me with my GCSE Equivalency Test as well?

Yes, we recommend expert GCSE Equivalency test tutors who specialise in one of the 4 tests. So whether you want help with equivalency maths, English, Science or even Biology, or GCSE Equivalency tutors are here to help. Visit our dedicated GCSE Equivalency Test page for more information or book a tutor via the form above.

Do you have numerical reasoning tests that I can use to practise?

Yes, we have a dedicated support service that provides free numerical reasoning practice tests to help you prepare for these tests.

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