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Numeracy Skills Test FAQ’s

The following are the frequently asked questions about the QTS Maths Tutor service and what we offer. If you are looking for specific information about the numeracy skills test format and what the test is all about then visit our dedicated numeracy skills test information page.

QTS Maths Tutor Introduction 

QTS Maths Tutor is the country’s leading service for numeracy skills test resources combined with tuition. We offer 21 practice numeracy skills tests along with many other resources that are designed to help you prepare and pass the numeracy skills test. We also offer additional support via our expert numeracy skills tutors. We have many free resources alongside our membership and tuition, you are under no obligation at any time to use a paid service, you can simply browse our site and see what you find useful. The following are questions which have been frequently asked by visitors and members of our site.

If you sign up to the QTS Maths Tutor package you get access to 21 numeracy skills practice tests and 8 revision topic tests. All of the tests have unique features with the ‘25% extra time’ option and practice mode. We also offer over 650 written questions and mental arithmetic questions as part of the tests. Every question has a model answer so you can see how it is worked out.
The short answer is no. You only book a tutor if you feel like you need additional support. In some instances we will even advise certain individuals not to book a tutor if they are progressing well with their practice tests as it isn’t always required.
Yes all of our tutors have been trained on the software we use and have experience in teaching the numeracy skills test content. Also, because our tutors have to commit a minimum amount of time to tutoring the skills test each month they are up to speed with the different question types and all the challenges that individual students face.
Yes, we are the only dedicated numeracy skills practice site to use an independent review system, Trust Pilot. We do this so that new customers can be confident in our service before signing up to anything and previous customers can leave feedback which helps us to provide the best possible service.
Yes we have numeracy skills test tutors in every major city in the country. We do encourage people to try our online tuition first as this is one to one, it has the same pass rates as in person tuition, it is more convenient and it is cheaper and easier to set up. However, if after the first lesson you don’t think online tuition is for you, then you simply don’t have to pay for that first lesson and we will look to organise you a tutor in your local area, whether that be London, Leeds or anywhere else in the country.

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