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Functional Skills English Level 2

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QTS Maths Tutor helps people to prepare for functional skills English level 2 exams. This functional skills qualification can greatly increase your chances of employment in the UK, as well as allow you to meet the requirements for your course when applying to a college or university. Many apprenticeships also require you to have a level 2 qualification in English, making this a highly sought-after qualification. For teaching the functional skills route is only applicable for QTLS, all other routes into teaching should look at the GCSE Equivalency Tests. For nursing, policing and other professions then functional skills English is the most popular qualification route to meet the requirements. 

Functional Skills English Level 2 Exams

The exam is made up of 3 separate parts; Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening and Communication. The Reading and Writing exams both last 1 hour long, and will be sat on the same day back-to-back, while the Speaking, Listening and Communication exam will be sat at a later date. Once you have booked the exam, you can choose when you want to sit these exams in up to 5 working days. All of these exams will be testing your knowledge on the English language, so we at QTS Maths Tutor recommend that you spend between 50-60 hours of revision before taking your exam. Once you have finished all 3 parts, you will be sent your results within 16 working days, determining whether or not you receive your qualification.

This Functional Skills exams that our QTS recommend are online simply for the reason of convenience and speed of result. The exam works online where you will be in a video call with an Ofqual-approved invigilator who will be overseeing your examination. Due to this being an online exam, you will be able to sit the exam from the comfort of your own home, so long as you have a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone on a stable internet connection. The functional skills exam services we recommend are:

If you want help and support booking your exam, our QTS service is more than happy to help.

Level 2 Revision Materials

Revision materials are the first thing that people look to get in order to help with preparation for the level 2 exams. The following list of resources are ones that we think will help with prep for the exam day. 

Making sure you revise effectively before moving onto the level 2 past papers is crucial to help build confidence and improve your chances of passing.


What is QTLS?  It is a teaching status, an alternative to QTS and stands for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status. The QTLS is a popular route into teaching due to the fact you do not require a degree or GCSE’s as long as you have the functional skills qualifications.

What is a functional skills qualification? A functional skills qualification is an equivalent to GCSE grade 4/C, it is a level 2 qualification.

Do I need a functional skills level 2 in maths and English to do my QTLS? You need either the level 2 functional skills or a GCSE C/Level 4 grade. If you do not have a GCSE then you will need the functional skills qualification in order to gain access onto the QTLS scheme.

Where can I complete my level 2 maths qualification for QTLS? Follow our partner services below to get the required support:

What functional skills English support is there out there?

There is a lot of support:

Who is SET and what do they do? 

SET is Society for Education and Training, they are part of the Education Training Foundation. You need to register with set to gain your QTLS status.