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Functional Skills Level 2

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QTS Maths Tutor provides support for the functional skills level 2 in maths and English. This page will help to provide you with more information about these qualifications. You will also see the most commonly asked questions and details about how the maths and English functional skills are sat at home. Getting level 2 qualifications in maths and English are essential, for the QTS route this has to be a GCSE or equivalency test, for the QTLS route into teaching, the functional skills qualifications are accepted. Whether you are going into teaching, policing, nursing or applying to a University course, the level 2 qualifications are needed.

The Levels

The functional skills qualifications have 5 levels for both maths and English. Both English and maths go through the same process to reach level 2. The start is entry level 1, then entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and then finally level 2. The level 2 qualification is the GCSE equivalent that you will need if you want to gain access to higher education or improve your employment prospects. A pass in maths and English level 2 is a GCSE grade C or level 4 equivalent and this is essential to further your career or education.

Exam Boards

There are many awarding bodies that provide English and maths functional skills. Edexcel and City and Guilds are two of the largest exam boards. The most popular qualification that City and Guild provides is the functional skills level 2. You have to remember that the UK government sets the curriculum for the majority of the exam boards so there is no difference between them. Before you book your exam, you should look at all of the functional skills courses and what they provide. As the exam boards all cover the same curriculum it is best to select your exam provider based on other factors such as costs, ease of access, level of support and how quickly they can turn the exam results around. Based on all of these factors we recommend the following services.

Online Exams – Ofqual Regulated

There are Ofqual regulated exams that you are able to take online from home. Whether you are looking to get into the police, NHS or another profession then a level 2 qualification in maths and English is essential. With the advent of online examinations, it is now more convenient than ever to get these if you didn’t secure your GCSE maths and English at a level 4 or GCSE C. The following services offer Ofqual regulated examinations that you can take from home with results released usually within 2 weeks.

Revision Materials

Passing the level 2 exams is all about getting access to the best revision materials and resources to help you prepare effectively. QTS Maths Tutor is happy to recommend a range of resources from free worksheets to full paid courses to help each and every learner succeed. The following list covers the full range of different types of resources available.


How do I book an online functional skills maths exam? You can book a level 2 online exam through the MME service who also offer level 1 exams.

What is a functional skills qualification? To answer this question, a functional skills qualification is a GCSE equivalent that is recognised by universities and employers. The level 2 qualification is for people who didn’t achieve a grade C or 4 in English and maths GCSE.

Is there any differences between the functional skills exam and the GCSE exam? The main difference between the two qualifications is the content that you have to learn. The GCSE exams are more abstract compared to the functional skills exam.

Is one of the exams easier than the other? The question is hard to answer since it depends on the person and what they prefer. GCSE is contextualised and functional skills is real life situations so it depends what sort of questions you prefer.

How long does it take to complete a functional skills qualification? Again this question is hard to answer since it depends on the person. We will take into account how much knowledge you already have and when you need the qualification for when creating your programme.

How does the functional skills English online exam work?  The online exams can be taken from home and are invigilated using Ofqual guidelines via web cam. The invigilators will watch you complete the exam and explain how it all works. You don’t require a fancy tech set up and the best thing about it is that it can all be done at home. You can also get functional skills English support from our sister website QTS Literacy Tutor.

Will the functional skills qualification help me get a Job? Yes this qualification can get you a job since it is a GCSE equivalent qualification.

What mark do I need to get to achieve the functional skills level 2 qualification? This changes depending on how the paper is. On average the pass mark is 50-60% but it could change.

Is there any funding I can get for the functional skills exam? This will depend if you meet the UK government’s criteria for example being 19 years of age or younger. However if you don’t meet the criteria then you can apply for an apprenticeship to help otherwise you have to fund the functional skills courses. If you are looking for the cheapest online provider, MME is the place to go to get the online English functional skills exams.

So they have an online functional skills maths level 2 exam that I can take? Yes MME also has a maths functional skills level 2 exam that is also online.