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GCSE English Equivalency Test

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Introduction This is the QTS Maths Tutor GCSE English Equivalency test page where you will find support for the following:
  • Finding GCSE English Equivalency test centres
  • Support with booking your GCSE English Equivalency test.
  • English Equivalency past papers, test papers and exam resources
  • One to one support for your GCSE English equivalency test.
  GCSE English Equivalency Test FAQs Who has to sit the GCSE English equivalency tests? Anyone who hasn’t achieved GCSE English to a grade C or a level 4 will be required to sit the test. You may have achieved these grades but if you do not have the GCSE certificate then your training provider or University will ask you to sit the English equivalency test as they require the certificate as proof. Who can help me to pass my GCSE English Equivalency test? QTS Maths Tutor. Although we have Maths in our name we are actually a GCSE Equivalency specialist support service and we have helped thousands of people over the years to get into teaching via the University and initial teacher training provider routes. Where is my closest English Equivalency testing centre? There are a number of testing centres around the country so if you are looking to book your GCSE English Equivalency test then get in touch today and we will locate your closest testing centre for you. Is the GCSE English equivalency exam very difficult? The English Equivalency exam is reasonably challenging as there is a lot of content to cover in a short period of time, but with the right resources and correct support the vast majority of the people who use our service go on to pass. I want to go into teaching, do I need a GCSE equivalent qualification? If you have your GCSE English exam certificate that shows a grade C or level 4 then you will not need a GCSE equivalent and therefore you will not be required to sit the GCSE English Equivalency test. Can you help with my Maths equivalency test? Yes we have a dedicated service for the GCSE Maths equivalency test.