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GCSE Equivalency

By QTS Maths Tutor|2020-11-28T15:45:03+00:00November 28th, 2020|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
Higher educational establishments such as Universities require math and English GCSE or equivalent qualification. GCSE equivalents are popular since most courses and employments require them. There are two main GCSE equivalents qualification which are functional skills and GCSE Equivalency Tests. They are both popular qualifications. GCSE Equivalency Tests are beneficial if you require a GCSE equivalent qualification for teacher training course. However if you need a GCSE equivalent qualification for other courses at University, functional skills provide exams in maths and English. There are 5 different levels but the last level, level 2, is the level you need for the GCSE equivalent. Functional skills course is funded by the government for people who fit the criteria such as being 19 and under. If you don’t fit the criteria then you have to apply as an independent learner. The two GCSE equivalents above aren’t the only ones such as BTEC and NVQ exams. Out of all of the GCSE equivalent exams, functional skills are the most popular, but the full GCSE exams are the best even though there are only two times during the year that you can take the exam. The most convenient and flexible exam is functional skills. QTS Maths Tutors provide maths and English revision sessions to prepare for your exam. MME is a company we work with to provide you with the best materials and can book your online functional skills exam but if you would rather sit the exam at your local testing centre then MME can also sort that out for you.

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