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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

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Introduction At QTS Maths Tutor we help a lot of people who are also studying for their GCSE equivalent qualification. Often those who struggle with their QTS tests are also looking for support for the maths equivalency test. For those who are preparing for their maths equivalency test, you can get specialist support from Maths Made Easy who provide GCSE equivalency resources alongside expert private tuition as well as our new dedicated service. At QTS Maths Tutor we provide support to help people to prepare for and book their GCSE equivalency tests. From helping you to book a GCSE maths equivalency test to providing you with resources and support with preparation, at QTS Maths Tutor we are the best rated GCSE Equivalency support service in the country. As well as the one to one support we also provide GCSE maths Equivalency test papers and practice questions you help you prepare. If you are looking for maths equivalency practice, think QTS Maths Tutor. GCSE Maths Equivalency FAQs Who has to sit the GCSE equivalency tests? Anyone who hasn’t got their GCSE maths or English to a grade C or a level 4 will be required by Universities to sit a GCSE equivalent exam, whether that is through them or through an external provider. Who can help me to pass my GCSE equivalency test? There are specialist providers of English and maths equivalency tuition. There are also a number of providers of GCSE equivalent resource packages that will help you prepare for your relevant exam. Where do I do my GCSE equivalent exam? This depends on a couple of things. If you have applied directly to a University, they may ask you to take the exam with them, or they may accept an exam result from an external provider such as Equivalency You will need to check directly with this provider to ensure your university accepts their exam result. Is the GCSE maths equivalency exam hard? The maths equivalency test can be tricky if you are not confident with maths. However, there is less content to cover than the functional skills maths level 2 and a lot less content than the full GCSE maths exam. I want to go into teaching, do I need a GCSE equivalent qualification or is the QTS enough? You will have to have passed both QTS exams and you will need either GCSE in maths or English or a GCSE equivalency qualification, such as functional skills maths. In addition to this many initial teacher training providers will also give you a maths test on the day of your interview, so there is no getting away from the need for a good understanding of basic mathematical skills. Can you help with my English equivalency test? Our sister site has more specific information about the English equivalency test.