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GCSE Science Equivalency Test

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Introduction This is the QTS Maths Tutor GCSE Science equivalency test page which is currently under construction. Please come back shortly to find information on:
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GCSE Science Equivalency Test FAQs Who has to sit the GCSE Science equivalency tests? Anyone who does not have a GCSE grade C or level 4 in Science that wants to enter a role that may require teaching Science. Universities and initial teacher training providers will require proof of your GCSE Science result in the form of your formal certificate, if you can not provide them with this then are likely to ask you to take a GCSE Equivalency Science test. Who can help me to pass my GCSE Science Equivalency test? QTS Maths Tutor is the leading provider of GCSE Science Equivalency support, from GCSE Science resources to expert tutors to help you prepare for the test. Where is my GCSE Science Equivalency testing centre? There are a number of testing centres around the country so contact QTS Maths Tutor and we will look to find the Equivalency testing centre that is closest to you. Is the GCSE Science equivalency test challenging? Quite a few people who prepare for the Science Equivalency test report it is difficult but this is likely because they are not accessing the best resources and support. Once you know what you have to revise and you can timetable this in advance of your test date then it should be a case of learning the material and passing your test, but you have to ensure you retain the content and you test yourself before your exam date to make sure you are preparing to pass. I want to go into teaching, do I need a GCSE equivalent qualification as well as my degree? You only need a GCSE Equivalent qualification if you do not have a GCSE grade C in Maths, English or Science. Regardless of your degree and other qualifications you will need a GCSE grade C or level 4 or an equivalent in order to gain entry on to your teacher training course. Can you help with my Maths and English equivalency test? Yes we have a dedicated service for the GCSE Maths equivalency test as well as the GCSE English Equivalency test.