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Government QTS Skills Tests

By QTS Maths Tutor|2018-10-27T12:49:45+00:00May 28th, 2017|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
The practice numeracy skills tests provided by the government on the STA site are very useful. Most of the people who use QTS Maths Tutor use the government tests alongside our testing package. To help our students and others along we have developed model solutions for each of the governments practice numeracy skills tests, which can be accessed via our video solutions page. Alongside the government skills solutions are also model solutions for our free practice numeracy skills test. As part of the QTS Maths Tutor membership you also get access to even more model solutions to help you overcome each of those tricky questions whether that be proportion or percentages or any other topic you struggle with. The government only provide 4 practice tests which can really limit your qts revision. The biggest issue we have seen is people re-taking and re-taking the practice tests and they end up answering the questions from memory rather than putting into practice the mathematical methods they need to know for the real exam. This results in an inflated practice test score leading individuals to think they are well above the numeracy skills test pass mark of 18. We think that a better approach is to use new questions and material every time you do a practice numeracy skills test in order to get a true measure of the progress you are making. Using the government tests is great and with QTS Maths Tutor alongside we think you have an even better chance of passing your numeracy skills test. Don’t forget that as well as 21 practice numeracy skills tests we also offer an additional 8 topic revision tests and many more features that you will find useful when revising. Finally if you are still in need of some additional support you can always call on one of our expert numeracy skills test tutors. QTS Maths Tutor, expert tests, expert tuition.

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