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How effective is using a book to prepare for my numeracy skills test?

How effective is using a book to prepare for my numeracy skills test?

Using a book is one of the most common ways to help you prepare for your QTS numeracy skills test. Books can be a great way to run through topics, theories and free practice questions with examples. QTS Maths Tutor has one of the highest rated QTS books available for the numeracy skills test, check it out on Amazon today.

The numeracy skills test is taken thousands of times every year, but prospective training teachers in order to obtain their fully qualified teacher status. The numeracy skills test is something that most people struggle with, regardless of their mathematical background as it throws up a different style of maths question to anything most people with have sat before. This is why QTS Maths Tutor have put together some of the most realistic practice tests on the internet. QTS Maths Tutor is the UK’s highest rated service for resources and private tuition for the numeracy skills test. QTS Maths Tutor provides 21 practice tests that are accompanied by detailed answer sheets, model solutions and even video solutions, so that however you prefer to learn, QTS Maths Tutor has something for everyone.

Try the free online practice test today. Prefer to book a private tutor? QTS Maths Tutor provide expert numeracy skills test tutors, with years of experience. Book a tutor for your numeracy skills test now.

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