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Literacy Skills Test Revision Materials

By QTS Maths Tutor|2018-02-07T09:25:49+00:00February 7th, 2018|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
QTS Maths Tutor is the leading provider of QTS Skills Test materials and tuition for both professional skills tests. We have recently added lots of new material to our website to help prospective teachers prepare for their qts literacy skills test. This has included adding hints, tips and examples of the types of questions that will appear in the test. The following sections detail what each part of the professional literacy skills test contains:
  1. Spelling section – requires knowledge of nouns, plurals and the correct use of suffixes.
  2. Literacy skills punctuation resource – you need to know how to use punctuation such as commas, apostrophes, question marks etc. You will also need to know when to use the correct punctuation as overuse of incorrect punctuation will be marked down in your literacy skills test.
  3. Grammar section – You will need to know how to use grammar but also identify poor use of grammar in different passages of text.
  4. Comprehension materials for the literacy skills test – You will need to read short passages of text and be able to elaborate on what is going on.
  At QTS Maths Tutor we are committed to helping all of the people who use our service pass both of their professional skills tests. For more information about the QTS Skills Tests you can visit our partner site QTS Numeracy Skills Test where there is a wealth of knowledge about the test formats and the best ways to revise.

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