QTS Maths Tutor is pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our service in order to offer Literacy Skills Tuition. As well as our expert team of numeracy skills tutors we now have literacy skills tutors who have experience in the professional QTS literacy test and are professionally qualified to teach English. Many people struggle with the professional QTS skills tests because they are set to a reasonably high level and when you factor in that people may not have studied Maths or English for a number of years along with the time constraints of the exam it makes it quite a challenge. With QTS Maths Tutor you can get the expert numeracy skills help you require and now with our literacy skills tutors you can get all the help you need for both professional skills exams. Whether it is numeracy skills practice tests you are looking for or a literacy skills test tutor we can help. Contact QTS Maths Tutor today for more information on all of our professional skills tests services.