At QTS Maths Tutor we help people prepare for their QTS Skills Tests which have to be passed in order to gain qualified teacher status. This involves helping people with their numeracy skills test and literacy skills test. We have an exceptional amount of resources to help people to pass the professional qts skills tests, these are predominantly for the numeracy skills test as more people struggle with the qts maths exam.   For those who are looking for support to help pass the literacy skills test, qts maths tutor now offer expert guidance and one to one tuition. Our specialist literacy skills tutors all know the exam format and content in depth. You may not have covered the technicalities of grammar and punctuation and require a few lessons to go over the fundamentals or you may want support working through practice questions and the government tests; whatever your need, our expert literacy tutors can help to provide the support required to pass the literacy skills test.   Whether you are from Leeds, London, Newcastle or anywhere in between, if you are looking for a literacy skills test tutor in your area, think QTS Maths Tutor, give us a call today and we will be happy to help.