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Numeracy Skills Test in Lincoln | Maths Tutors in Lincoln

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Numeracy Skills Practise Tests in Lincoln

People who want to gain qualified teacher status must first pass the QTS Maths test. The exam consists of 2 sections, a mental arithmetic section and 16 on screen questions which often include graphs and data style questions. Our online QTS Maths tutors in Lincoln can really help with the QTS Maths test and help you to pass but before you think about booking a tutor, you should have a go at our free numeracy skills practice test to help see what sort of help you are likely to need. With online answer submission and many additional features to help you revise, our numeracy skills tests are possibly the best practice you can get. Additionally our tests have more than 650 model solutions to show you how to solve each and every question. Have a go at our free numeracy skills practice test and if you find it useful, sign up to get access to an additional 20 tests and much more.

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Numeracy Skills Tuition in Lincoln | QTS Numeracy Tests in Lincoln

At QTS Maths Tutor we provide professional and experienced numeracy skills tutors in Lincoln and every other location in the country. Our qts tutors simplify complex questions and break them down in to step by step solutions that enable students to succeed with the difficult questions. The timing aspect of the QTS Maths test is also something our Lincoln numeracy skills tutors can help with as this is an area that many find the most challenging and it all comes down to two things, having the correct method and lots of practise.

For those students who just want to practise for the professional numeracy skills test, we also have a unique online interactive QTS Maths test which is free for all to use. If you take our test and find it useful then you are welcome to sign up to our online platform and get access to a further 20 tests. If you want help with the tests and you are searching for a QTS Maths tutor in Lincoln then QTS Maths Tutor has the answer! Book a tutor today for that extra support.

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Numeracy Skills Tutors in Lincoln

Everything You Need To Know About The Numeracy Skills Tests And Numeracy Skills Tutors in Lincoln

Numeracy Skills Test FAQ’s in Lincoln 

Are there numeracy skills tutors in Lincoln?

Yes QTS Maths Tutor have numeracy skills tutors in Lincoln and every other large town and city. Contact us today to find our more about the tuition we provide in your area.

What is the national pass mark for the numeracy skills test? 

Whether you are in Lincoln or another area, the numeracy skills test pass mark is the same and is usually set at 18 but this depends on the difficulty of the exam.

Are there numeracy skills testing centres in Lincoln?

The testing centres change quite a lot but if you go to the Learndirect website you can find a list of all the different testing centres across the country including those in or near Lincoln.

For Numeracy Skills Tutors in Lincoln

At QTS Maths Tutor we are looking for tutoring agencies in Liverpool to join our team. If you or tutors that work for you provide numeracy skills tuition in Liverpool then please take a look at our partnership programme as this is a way for local tutors to find more work. As a partner you have access to our numeracy skills tests, which are an excellent tool for tuition with features that enable you to fuction1 and function 2 and much more.

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QTS Maths Tutor offers expertly produced numeracy skills practice tests alongside experienced qts numeracy skills tutors. We the leading numeracy skills tests and tuition provider in the country and strive for perfection which is why we welcome all feedback. The QTS Maths Tutor testing platform has been built almost entirely from user and tutor feedback which is what we continue to use to enhance our service. Whether you want to book a numeracy skills tutor or ask a question about our service, please don’t hesitate to Contact QTS Maths Tutor today.

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