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Newcastle QTS Skills Tuition Reviews

Numeracy Skills Practice Tests in Newcastle

From numeracy skills tuition in Newcastle to realistic practice tests, QTS Maths Tutor offers a comprehensive service to those students looking to pass the QTS Maths test. If you are a student at Newcastle or Northumbria University and are looking to enter you PGCE course, the passing your numeracy skills test is essential. Your degree may not be maths related and you may not have covered Maths since your GCSE days, so you may need to sharpen your skills a little. Don’t worry, QTS Maths Tutor offers the most comprehensive numeracy skills practice test and revision materials to help you revise. Whether you are at Newcastle University or you have just finishing at Newcastle 6th form College, it doesn’t matter, our numeracy skills test service can help you prepare for your exam. Our practice skills tests have a proven record in helping people to pass the professional numeracy skills test. Some people may look for additional help in order to learn the most effective mathematical methods, especially if they are struggling with the mental arithmetic section which can be a challenge in terms of getting to the right answer within the time limits. Well QTS Maths Tutor offer additional support, from numeracy skills practice tests to topic revision tests and model solutions for over 650 numeracy skills practice questions! If you want even more help to ensure you have the best chances of passing your numeracy skills test, then you can always look to book one of our expert numeracy skills test tutors in Newcastle.

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Numeracy Skills Tuition in Newcastle | QTS Numeracy Tests in Newcastle

Our QTS Maths tutors in Newcastle all have a wealth of experience and knowledge of what is required to pass the QTS Maths test. Our Newcastle tutors specialise in helping students to effectively prepare for the QTS Maths test by covering all of the required topics and the most efficient methods for answering the timed questions.

At QTS Maths Tutor we also offer a range of practice tests along with a free practise QTS Maths test to help students to perfect those questions that they find difficult. From percentages to proportion, the QTS Maths test often contains many different types of questions from a range of topics. Whether you are in Newcastle or any other location , you can access our online practice tests and practice from anywhere.

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Numeracy Skills Tutors in Newcastle

Everything You Need To Know About The Numeracy Skills Tests And Numeracy Skills Tutors

If you are looking for a numeracy skills test tutor in Newcastle then QTS Maths Tutor is here to help. As well as over 650 written and mental arithmetic practice questions, we also offer prospective teachers access to exceptional numeracy skills tutors in Newcastle. Whether you have just finished at Newcastle 6th form College or you have been offered a place on the Newcastle University teacher training course, we can help you to pass your numeracy skills test.

Areas We Cover: We have numeracy skills tutors in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. We cover; Newcastle City Centre, Gateshead, Jesmond, Wallsend, Benwell, Fenham, the Heaton park area and many other areas in and around Newcastle including Hebburn, Jarrow, South Shields and all the areas surrounding Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Newcastle Numeracy Skills Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there numeracy skills testing centres in Newcastle? 

Yes there are numeracy skills testing centres in every major city in the country and surrounding areas with over 50 in total. The Newcastle testing centre is at: Learndirect, 6th floor Eldon House West, Regent Centre, Newcastle, NE3 3PF.

How do I pass my numeracy skills test?

The answer to this question is different for everyone but there are certainly some common factors. Regardless of your ability in Maths, it is advisable to practice for the numeracy skills test to get use to the format of the exam and style of questions. We think the best way to do this is to access practice numeracy skills tests that are similar to the real exam. QTS Maths Tutor, along with the department of education, are the only two websites that offer numeracy skills tests in the same format as the real exam.

How do I book a numeracy skills tutor in Newcastle?

Quite simply you submit a book a tutor form, and we will contact you directly to arrange the tuition.

What are the best resources for the professional numeracy skills test? 

Many people ask this question. There are a lot of resources out there including the governments own practice tests which we advise everyone to take as they are free and in the same format as the real exam. Their only issue is that they only offer 4 tests which isn’t nearly enough to help you effectively prepare. This is why QTS Maths Tutor have researched the entire resource market and pulled all of the useful materials into once place, QTS Maths Tutor. As well as our 21 tests we even provide model solutions for the government skills tests and video solutions to our free practice numeracy skills test.

Do you have mental arithmetic practice questions for the qts skills test? 

Yes all of our tests are in the same format as the government tests which means you get 12 mental arithmetic questions with each test and additionally we have 8 revision topics tests where you can access additional mental arithmetic questions totalling over 260 questions in all.

For Numeracy Skills Tutors in Newcastle

At QTS Maths Tutor we are continuing to expand our service and we are looking to partner with tutoring agencies in Newcastle who can provide expert numeracy skills tuition. As a QTS Maths Tutor partner you have direct access to our purposefully designed numeracy skills tests. From being able to pause the tests to having the ability to skip the mental arithmetic section, our numeracy skills tests enable users to carry out a number of actions that make practising for the PGCE Maths test easier. These features also make our numeracy skills tests much more tutor friendly. If you are interested in becoming our numeracy skills partner in Newcastle, then complete an application and we will respond.

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QTS Maths Tutor offers expertly produced numeracy skills practice tests alongside experienced qts numeracy skills tutors. We the leading numeracy skills tests and tuition provider in the country and strive for perfection which is why we welcome all feedback. The QTS Maths Tutor testing platform has been built almost entirely from user and tutor feedback which is what we continue to use to enhance our service. Whether you want to book a numeracy skills tutor or ask a question about our service, please don’t hesitate to Contact QTS Maths Tutor today.

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