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Numeracy Skills Test in Newton Mearns

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Numeracy Skills Test in Newton Mearns

Numeracy skills practise test

Numeracy Skills Practise Test in Newton Mearns

At QTS Maths Tutor we provide practise tests and tuition to people in Newton Mearns, who are looking to sit the QTS Maths test. With percentages and proportion some students find the prospect of sitting the QTS Maths test a little overwhelming initially. The QTS Maths test is comprised of 28 questions sat under timed conditions. The pass mark for the test is standardised which means it changes depending on how the latest cohort have performed. Typically it can be anywhere between 60%-80% as reported by some.

Numeracy Skills Tuition in Newton Mearns

Numeracy skills tutor in Newton Mearns

Some students haven’t covered Maths since their GCSE days and often find that many of the methods they had learnt for that exam are no longer with them. This is where QTS Maths tuition can really help. The QTS Maths Tutors we have are all qualified, experienced and equipped with the most effective methods targeted at helping students pass the QTS Maths test. Therefore if you are looking for numeracy skills tutor in Newton Mearns or any other location , then get in touch with QTS Maths Tutor!

A good way to assess your chances of passing the QTS Maths test is to practise authentic tests. At QTS Maths Tutor we have developed interactive tests which provide students with an opportunity to practise questions similar to those you may find in the QTS Maths test. Whether you are looking for a QTS Maths tutor in Newton Mearns, or trying to find numeracy skills practise tests, QTS Maths Tutor is the place to be!

For Numeracy Skills Tutors in Newton Mearns

At QTS Maths Tutor we are looking to join up with tutoring agencies in Newton Mearns who offer tuition for the numeracy skills test. If you have experience in tutoring the numeracy skills test in Newton Mearns then please take a look at our partner page for more information. As a partner you will be able to access our numeracy skills tests, all of which contain features such as, skip the mental arithmetic section which make tutoring for the numeracy skills test much easier.


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