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Top 10 Literacy Skills Test books

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The QTS Literacy skills test is one of the two professional skills tests prospective teachers have to pass. If you are looking to prepare for your qts tests then the first place most people start is by looking for qts skills tests books. This page is a dedicated to qts literacy skills test books and hopefully helps people to make a more informed decision about which book is going to help them most when it comes to passing the professional literacy skills test. Please read down our list of the top 10 literacy skills test books and have a go at our free literacy skills test to help you get ready to pass your qts!

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1.Pass your Literacy Skills Test

Comment: For prospective teachers, the literacy skills test can represent the final barrier to gaining entry on to an initial teacher training course. The purpose of the test is to ensure that all trainee teachers have a functional level of literacy that is required to perform the role of a teacher. The literacy skills test can be quite a challenge for many people, especially if they haven’t studied English for a long time. With the prominence of social media, people now use quick and easy English or slang, rather than the formal English required when carrying out a professional teaching role. Therefore revising for the test is essential to ensure that key concepts and rules are covered. This book covers the four key areas of the literacy skills test: spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension. Each section is explained with the use of examples and top tips are provided. Each section has practise questions to help reinforce the key rules that come up in the test. There are three mock exams at the end of the book to further help with revision. The book also references online resources such as mock exams that represent a true likeness to the real test. For the depth and volume of content, this is our number 1 literacy skills test book. It contains over 200 pages, a 100 pages more than most of the other literacy skills test books out there. More examples, more mock tests and more explanation. This is the qts skills test book to buy.

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2.How to Pass the QTS Literacy Skills Tests

Comment: This 2016 literacy skills test book has a series of good tips and useful examples. Like all the literacy skills books we have reviewed, it doesn’t provide sufficient practise to help you pass, no book can offer up to date literacy skills test in the same interactive format as the real exam, but it is a really good place to start.

If you are looking for a literacy skills test book to introduce you to the qts skills tests, help you practice your spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension, then this book is a great introduction to the qts English test and the different sections it contains. This book may also help you to identify which areas of the test you are most likely to struggle with which is a great starting point before you go on to sit full literacy skills practice tests.


Comment: This literacy skills test book has been produced by the ‘how2become’ team. This qts skills test book is really good in terms of quantity but not as strong as some of the others in terms of quality. This tends to be what happens when non-specialists from outside the industry produce a book for commercial reasons only. However, that said the book does contain some useful revision materials, practice questions and hints and tips for the spelling section of the test. If you are looking for a lot of revision materials for your professional literacy skills test then this book will deliver. Remember though that no book is a substitute for revising full, onscreen literacy skills practice tests.  

 4. Success! Passing the Professional Skills Tests for Teachers

Comment: This professional literacy skills test book is reasonably popular. Trisha Kreft and Annabel Charles have done a good job of covering the key parts to the professional skills test. All four major areas, spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension are covered and there are a number of useful tips shared including one about learning your common suffix and prefix spellings for the first part of the exam. There are a number of practise questions to use and there is also a literacy skills test mock. All in all nota bad literacy skills book.

5. How to Pass the Professional Skills Tests for Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Comment: Chris Tyreman has produced a number of different version of his professional skills test book. Although the book does make our top 10 simply because of the number of example questions, it is limited on guidance and it doesn’t specialise in the literacy skills test as both professional qts skills tests are covered. One advantage is that with practise questions from each test, this book may save you money as you will only have to purchase the one book instead of two. However, like all of the literacy skills test books it is limited with its format and can never replace authentic practice of online tests which more accurately reflect the type of questions you will see in your actual exam.

6. Pass the Professional Skills Tests for Initial Teacher Training (ITT):

Comment: This qts skills test book by the How2become series is useful in that it covers both of the professional skills tests. The book is nearly a year old now and it’s style isn’t quite right in that it doesn’t get into the details of the tests, it is almost like the authors have researched what the tests contain and have developed a booked based on that research as oppose to actually having experience within the qts field. We suspect that the lack of experience of the authors in the QTS area has resulted in the few minor inconsistencies that appear in the book. However, that said both the major parts of the numeracy and literacy skills test are covered, and again like some of the other combined books there are some good examples to get stuck into and it may save you money if you also intend to buy a numeracy skills books.

7. Passing the Literacy Skills Test (Achieving Qts Series)

Comment : This professional skills test book has been written by established authors who form part of a series of qts skills test book publications. Passing the literacy skills test book is a great introduction into the format of the exam with some examples to get you started. However, like many of the books it lacks a little bit of detail and it in no way substitutes the online practice that is required to effectively prepare you for your qts exam. If you are getting ready for your initial teacher training course and you want to start revising for your literacy skills test, this book isn’t a bad place to start.

8. Teacher’s Skills Tests for Dummies UK Edition

Comment: Another qts skills test book that aims to cover both the numeracy and literacy skills test. Like some of the other books it offers a good place to start when preparing for the professional skills tests but it lacks depth and detail. There are some good examples of questions that replicate what actually comes up in the real exams but on the whole this feels like a non-specialist book that tries to cover a specialist area. As we are getting closer to the bottom of our top 10 literacy skills test books, you will start to see that the relevancy of the books diminish but as we are only recommending these books as an introduction into the test then again this isn’t a bad place to start just don’t rely on the book to get you fully prepared for the exam as otherwise you may be surprised when you sit your actual professional skills test.

9. How to Pass the QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests: Essential Practice for the Qualified Teacher Status Skills Tests

Comment: Another generic qts skills test book that covers both the literacy and numeracy skills test. As we drop further down our top 10 the relevancy of each book becomes less and less as they struggle to cover the details of each exam. However, this book still covers the key areas of both tests and introduces you to some of the types of questions that you may see in your actual professional skills tests. Our advice would be generally to stick to the books that specialise in each of the skills tests as authors tend to be maths or English teachers and rarely do you ever get a teacher who is exceptional with both. Often the general books have non-specialist authors who have little to no experience in actually teaching people to pass their qts skills tests.

10.  QTS Spelling Strategies to Help You Pass the Literacy Skills Spelling Test

Comment: This literacy skills test book comes in at number 10 simply because it only covers 25% of the exam, the spelling part. That said if you really struggle with your spelling and it is this area that is holding you back then this book will help you more with the spelling section than any of the other literacy skills test books in our top 10. So although it is number 10 for the best literacy skills test books it would be our number 1 for the spelling section. Some great tips are covered as well as some of the hard spelling rules that are useful to know for your test but also in everyday life.

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