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The Following are the top 10 QTS Numeracy Skills Test books. These qts skills test books have been reviewed by our numeracy skills test experts who have come up with the definitive list to supplement your qts maths studies. To get extra revision materials have a go at our free numeracy skills practice test and use our test package alongside the numeracy skills book to help you pass your professional skills test. One professional qts maths test book is enough, so have a read of our top 10 qts skills test books and select the one you think is best. With QTS Maths Tutor you will pass your professional qts numeracy skills test.

1.Pass your Numeracy Skills Test (2018)

By QTS Maths Tutor

Comment: The QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills book is the most up to date QTS book currently available. We have used all of our QTS skills test experience along with student feedback to create an all encompassing book to help support you whilst preparing for you numeracy skills test. With loads of mental arithmetic practice questions and hundreds of written data questions, this book covers more and offers more than any other. Pass your numeracy skills test with the QTS Maths Tutor professional skills test book.

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2.Pass the QTS Numeracy Skills Test with Ease: 2018 – 2020

By Vali Nasser

Comment: This is the first numeracy skills test book to be released for 2018. Vali Nasser has produced another excellent QTS Maths book which has been updated with new question types and even more practice materials. As Mr Nasser is one of the most established authors in this field and his new numeracy skills book is the first to cover the new question types, this goes straight in at number 1 as the recommended numeracy skills test book to buy for 2018. So if you are looking to purchase a professional skills book from Amazon or anywhere then please take a look at this one.

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3.   Passing the Numeracy Skills Test (Achieving QTS Series) Paperback – 28 Feb 2015

by Mark Patmore (Author)

Comment: This numeracy skills test book by Mark Patmore is possibly the most popular amongst prospective teachers. With a selection of written mental arithmetic questions and explanations of how to complete problems such as cumulative frequency curves, this book is useful but is no substitute for actually practising numeracy skills test questions in the real format of the exam like QTS Maths Tutor offers. It must be noted that although this professional numeracy skill book is still useful it is now quite out dated and doesn’t contain the new question types that appear in the test. This could be said for most qts numeracy skills books as unless they are republished then they are quickly outdated.

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4. Passing the Numeracy Skills Test, Fifth Edition (Achieving QTS Series) Paperback – 6 Jan 2012 By Mark Patmore

Comment: This is another numeracy skills test book in the Mark Patmore series. As an older book it is less relevant in comparison to the newer book in our list but again contains some good material and mental arithmetic questions. The advantage of the older book is that it is much cheaper. Because you won’t really use any numeracy skills book for your main practise then this book may be a suitable cheaper alternative; however our tip is to also purchase the most up to date and relevant qts skills test book.

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5. How to Pass the QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests: Essential Practice for the Qualified Teacher Status Skills Tests By Chris John Tyreman

Comment: The advantage of this numeracy skills test book is that it enables you to also prepare for the literacy skills test as well. Like the other books it contains written version of similar style questions as you will see in the mental arithmetic section. This is another numeracy skills book which is good for casual practice and will supplement revision when you are tired of practicing test questions on the screen.

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6. Passing the Professional Skills Tests for Trainee Teachers and Getting into It by Bruce Bond (Author), Jim Johnson (Author), Mark Patmore (Author), Nina Weiss (Author), Geoff Barker (Author)

Comment: This is the third book out of our 10 which has Mark Patmore listed in the authors list. Again it is a slightly older book being published in 2013 but like the others contains box plot, cumulative frequency questions along with a wide range of topics from the governments guidelines. As far as numeracy skills test books go this is as good as any.

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7. Guide to the QTS Numeracy Skills Test

Produced by QTS Skills.com and Tom O’Toole

Comment: This book has been produced to promote the website QTS Skills.com. It does contain a good introduction into the test and the explanation of the test format, timings and common issues people have is also clearly described. The content is obviously aimed at the professional numeracy skills test but is limited in terms of how accurately it reflects the governments guidelines and some of the question types. To summarise, a good insight into how the professional numeracy skills test works, but other books are possibly better in terms of content and question types.

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8. How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Key Numeracy Skills (Testing Series) Paperback

by Heidi Smith

Comment: This was a good numeracy skills test when it first came out but appears a little dated now. Is still a solid resource for the core concepts within the numeracy skills test but lacks the relevancy as it is more aimed at maths competencies for general reasoning tests  and isn’t aimed specifically at the numeracy skills test.

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9. Numeracy Tests for Dummies Paperback – 20 Feb 2012

by Colin Beveridge.

Comment :A good numeracy book for basic skills but again lacks the relevancy as it isn’t specifically aimed at the qts maths test. We would recommend looking at the more established authors in the numeracy skills book world such as Mark Patmore and Vali Nasser who are the two experienced authors in this field.

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10. How to Pass the QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests: Essential Practice for the Qualified Teacher Status Skills Tests (Testing Series) Paperback

by Chris Tyreman

Comment: A useful numeracy skills book with the added benefit of having content in their aimed at the literacy skills test; however the price reflects this so you may as well buy the books separately in terms of costs. On content, the mental arithmetic questions are pretty accurate, all be it in written form. Another good book to introduce you into the numeracy skills test but again, like many others it is not an effective replacement for proper online interactive tests.

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