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Numeracy Skills Test Books

By QTS Maths Tutor|2017-06-04T21:33:36+00:00June 4th, 2017|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
We often get asked about numeracy skills test books and how useful they are and would we recommend any. Well numeracy skills test books can be useful but they have their limitations. We all know that the professional numeracy skills test is actually sat on computers with online interactive submission of answers and qts maths books obviously can’t replicate this, so what do these books offer? Well as an introduction to the content, the numeracy skills test books can offer a good start as they cover the basics and present the different question types all in written form. However, the best practice for the numeracy skills test to really help you pass has to be that which is in the same format as the exam, timed conditions with mental arithmetic questions so that you can practice the content like you will see it in the real thing. Unfortunately numeracy skills test books can’t offer you that practice and consequently, in our opinion, are not sufficient enough on their own to drastically enhance your chances of passing the numeracy skills test. If you are looking for numeracy skills test books or revision materials we suggest that you try the QTS Maths Tutor free resources first and see how you find these and then if you want more practice you always have the option of signing up to our service. Occasionally we get asked by students if we can provide a tutor who will work through a numeracy skills test book with them. This is possible but again as the books only offer limited scope we believe that working through either the government tests or the QTS Maths Tutor online tests (ideally both) is more productive and will enhance your chances of passing the numeracy skills test. If you are still interested in getting a numeracy skills test book, the following a list of popular books.
  • Passing the numeracy skills test (Achieving QTS Series) by Mark Patmore.
  • Passing the numeracy skills test with ease 2016-2017, Vali Nasser
  • Passing the numeracy skills test for teachers (critical learning) by Trish Kreft and Jenny Lawson.
There are many other numeracy skills test books out there, many of which all offer similar practice questions in the same format. For interactive online numeracy skills test revision and practice tests, visit QTS Maths Tutor.

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