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Numeracy Skills Test Updates

By QTS Maths Tutor|2018-04-16T18:09:22+00:00April 16th, 2018|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
At QTS Maths Tutor we have the most up to date tests available anywhere.  Our team research what questions types have been coming up in the professional numeracy skills test by speaking with people have recently sat the exam. We take this feedback along with the guidance of expert tutors and mathematicians to help create the most up to date question bank available anywhere along with updated numeracy skills video solutions. Our numeracy skills practice tests are updated on a weekly basis and we often add additional questions into the tests to reflect what has been appearing the professional qts skills test recently. Where certain question types appear more frequently and in different contexts we build what is called a revision test. Our revision tests are offered in addition to our full numeracy skills tests. The revision tests contain 10 questions on the same topic to help you master that topic. Each question has a model solution and a video solution where an expert tutor goes through each aspect of the question and clearly explains how to answer it.   At QTS Maths Tutor we pride ourselves on having the best practice numeracy skills tests and resources available and part of this is ensuring they are consistently updated with the newest question types. As part of our numeracy skills packages you get access to all of our updates all of the time. Also you can use the resources as much as you want, over and over again for the duration of your subscription period. For all qts numeracy skills test requirements, think QTS Maths Tutor.

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