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If you are looking to practise for your professional numeracy skills test then you are in the right place! QTS Maths Tutor offers a free numeracy skills practice test along with many more numeracy skills resources including information about the tests and guidance on the best revision materials. 



At QTS Maths Tutor we offer a comprehensive set of 21 numeracy skills practice tests that you can practice time and time again to get you ready for the professional numeracy skills test.

Many people find Maths challenging especially under the time constraints of the qts numeracy test. The Mental Arithmetic section is certainly one area where many struggle to answer the questions within the strict time limit. When preparing for the numeracy skills test, practice makes perfect and what better way to do that than use practice QTS Maths tests that give you a chance to practice the numeracy skills questions whilst getting a real feel for the interactive exam.

We believe our practice tests offer the most realistic preparation to help you get ready for the final exam, but don’t just take our word for it, why not take a free test and find out for yourself!

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Numeracy Skills Practice Tests

The QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills practice tests offer the following features:

  • QTS practice questions designed using the governments own guidelines.
  • Timing’s in the tests reflect those given by the department of education’s guidelines.
  • Our numeracy skills practice tests are interactive, so enable you to input your answers, exactly like you will in your real exam.
  • Our tests have additional functionality which enables you to skip sections, re-set the test, pause the timer and all sorts of features that have been designed to help you when practicing for your numeracy skills test.
  • You may decide to just sit the QTS numeracy tests exactly like the real thing, and our system will enable you to do that.
  • After sitting a mock exam you may then decide to go back into the same test and practice the questions you got wrong.
  • We have also added features such as 25% extra time and a comprehensive answer sheet detailing the topics you get wrong.
  • Every numeracy skills practice question we offer also comes with a model solution.
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Access 21 practice QTS Maths tests to help you pass your professional numeracy skills test!

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Everything you need to know about the numeracy skills test format and timings.

How long is the numeracy skills test?

The professional numeracy skills test will last approximately 48 minutes. In certain circumstances, candidates may be awarded additional time for dyslexia or another condition that has been formally determined. The QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills practice tests are the only online tests to accommodate this with our 25% extra time feature.

How many questions are there in the qts skills test?

Each numeracy skills test contains 28 questions made up of 12 mental arithmetic and 16 written questions, with the addition of a practice question that doesn’t count towards the final mark. Each question is awarded 1 mark. Some questions in the written section may have multiple answers, all of which need to be selected in order to gain 1 mark for the question, no half marks are awarded. Our numeracy skills practice tests reflect the number and type of questions seen in the real exam.

What is the numeracy skills test pass mark?

All of the numeracy skills tests have been statistically standardised against a control test. The average pass mark is reported to be 18 but this could change at any time. We think that a good indicator as to whether or not you are ready to sit the test is the marks you score on our numeracy skills practice tests. Contact us for more information about our numeracy skills test tuition or to Book a QTS Maths tutor.

How is the professional numeracy skills test structured?

The Mental Arithmetic Section : Many people find the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test the most challenging. Many search for mental arithmetic practice questions in order to help them overcome the timing aspect of this past of the numeracy skills test. At QTS Maths Tutor we not only have 21 practice tests all of which contain 12 mental arithmetic questions, we also have topic revision tests which also contain mental arithmetic practice questions. The format of the mental arithmetic section is described below:

Candidates have 18 seconds to answer a series of 12 questions with the timing starting after the second repeat of the question. Many people struggle with this aspect of the exam as it requires quick mental Maths methods that are often different to those used when you have a calculator or you are afforded more time. At QTS Maths Tutor, our numeracy skills practice tests and expert qts maths tutors help you to overcome the challenges presented by the mental arithmetic section.

The Written Section: The written section of the professional numeracy skills test poses different challenges to the mental arithmetic section. Timing isn’t usually an issue but the question content often is. From cumulative frequency curves to calculating averages and data interpretation, there are a lot of different question types to get your head around. The following describes the strucutre of the written section:

In this section you are permitted to use a calculator which will be provided on the day. There are 16 questions in section 2, all of which are presented on the screen and require interpretation in order to understand and correctly answer the question. There are a number of different types of graphs that you will have to analyse, using figures and calculating averages to determine the correct answers. This part of the numeracy skills test requires knowledge of a number of different areas, which are all covered in the QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills tests. Also if you still require some additional support on top of this you can always book one of our qts numeracy skills tutors to help you pass your numeracy skills test.

The QTS Maths Tutor Promise

We promise you to keep our numeracy skills practice tests up to date and relevant to the actual professional numeracy skills test at all times. We also promise that we will continue to offer the most comprehensive numeracy skills test practice and tuition packages that you can find anywhere in the country. QTS Maths Tutor, expert tests, expert tuition.

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Are you a prospective teacher preparing for your professional numeracy skills test? Well the following are a compilation of all the common mistakes we have heard students describe to us when preparing for the numeracy skills test:

Mistake: I revised using the governments numeracy skills test and after sitting them 3 times each my mark was really high.

Thoughts: Sitting the government tests is always a good idea but be aware that as you repeat the tests you will naturally start to remember the specific questions and answers and therefore your mark will increase each time you sit the tests giving you a false sense of actual improvement.

Mistake: I bought a numeracy skills book to help me revise but I failed my first attempt

Thoughts: Numeracy skills books are a good introduction to the professional skills tests but they can’t replicate the actual test and therefore their usefulness is limited. To see a full review of numeracy skills books visit our dedicated page.

Mistake: I used my first attempt as a practice go but still didn’t pass on my second attempt and now I only have one attempt left.

Thoughts: You should try and prepare so that you give yourself the best possible chance of passing your first attempt of the numeracy skills test. This sounds obvious but many under estimate how difficult it is

Mistake: I signed up to a different numeracy skills practice site with 20 tests but they were all the same and a lot easier than the real exam which I failed.

Thoughts: Unfortunately we hear this a lot. There are a number of other numeracy skills practice sites out there but many haven’t updated their questions for years and they don’t reflect the difficulty or format of the professional numeracy skills tests. At QTS Maths Tutor we are constantly updating our questions and content.

Mistake: I booked a GCSE Maths tutor to help me learn the best methods for the test but they weren’t that helpful

Thoughts: When booking a Maths tutor ensure they have numeracy skills test experience and not just a GCSE Maths tutor. There are intricacies such as 1/8 is 0.125 is 12.5%, that you need to know instantly in order to succeed with the mental arithmetic section. If a maths tutor hasn’t had experience with the numeracy skills test then they may not know which methods are best suited to the test.

 Mistake: I have always struggled with Maths but I thought I could pass this test and I took my first two attempts and now I on my last attempt I really need some help. Can you book me a tutor please?

Thoughts: Yes we can help! However, if you are just setting out to revise for you numeracy skills test and you know you struggle with Maths then look to get support before your final attempt as the pressure builds up and for this reason we believe it is easier to pass your test on the first or second attempt. This said if you are all ready on your third attempt of course we will still help you.

Mistake: I revised from the numeracy skills test books and thought I was ready for the test but failed.

Thoughts: As all ready mentioned, the numeracy skills books you can buy are not the best way to prepare for the test or measure how ready you are. A good measure is what you are scoring on the government practice test or the QTS Maths Tutor practice tests, the first time you have sat them. If on a new test you score above 18, you are probably ready to sit your test. If you score 20 on three tests in a row you are all most certainly ready to take your test. Our data shows that those individuals who score 20 or above on the QTS Maths Tutor practice tests have a 98% chance of passing their numeracy skills test regardless of whether it is their first, second or third attempt.

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Access 21 Practice Tests, to Use Time and Again to Help You Pass the Professional Numeracy Skills Test!

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The following are the frequently asked questions by those prospective teachers who are looking to our more about the professional numeracy skills test which has been made a basic minimum requirement for all prospective teachers. The following tells you all you need to know about the professional numeracy skills test.

Click the following to get more information on that specific area of the numeracy skills test:

  1. Introduction to the professional numeracy skills test
  2. Format, content and rules of the test.
  3. Revision resources for the professional numeracy skills test
  4. PSI and booking your numeracy skills test
  5. Re-sitting and rescheduling your numeracy skills test
  6. QTS numeracy skills tutors

Introduction to the Professional Numeracy Skills Test

What is the professional numeracy skills test?

The professional numeracy skills test is an interactive online Maths test that prospective teachers have to pass in order to complete their teacher training and gain qualified teacher status in England.

Who has to take the professional numeracy skills test?

Anyone who wants to train to become a teacher in England must take and pass the professional skills tests, both literacy and numeracy, in order to gain qualified teacher status. You have to pass the test regardless of any of your other qualifications, even if you have Maths GCSE above a C or a masters in Maths it doesn’t matter.

Why do you have to pass the QTS Skills Tests?

The government introduced the QTS skills tests a number of years ago in order to set a minimum standard of numeracy and literacy skills that everyone must achieve in order to become a teacher. It has removed the need to scrutinise individuals GCSE grades and other qualifications as a means of assessing numeracy and literacy skills.

What is the pass mark for the professional numeracy skills test?

The pass mark for the numeracy skills test can change but it is reported to be around 63% which works out at a gross mark of 18 out of 28.

Format, Content and Rules of the Test

What is the format of the professional numeracy skills test?

The numeracy skills test is composed of two sections. The first section is the mental arithmetic section and the second is the written section.

The mental arithmetic sections is comprised of 12 questions, each of which are read out twice and the you have 18 seconds to submit your answer after the second repeat of the question. Once you submit your answer you are moved to the next question and you can’t go back. You are not permitted to use a calculator for the mental arithmetic section

The written section is 36 minutes long and you can move from question to question in your own time. The questions are not individually timed so you can spend more time on a specific question if you choose to do so. The question types involve interpreting and using data as well as solving arithmetic problems. Out of the 16 questions in this section, 7 assess data and 9 assess arithmetic. A calculator is permitted for the written section.

You are able to use scrap paper to help you work out your answers for both the mental and written sections but all answers are submitted via an interactive online test, similar in format to the QTS Maths Tutor Practice Numeracy Skills Tests.

At the start of the test you will get asked a practice question, which is not scored, followed by 28 questions worth 1 mark each. You are required to achieve approximately 18 out of 28 in order to pass your numeracy skills test. It does not matter if you perform better on either of the two sections, it is the overall mark which is important.

What Maths topics are there on the numeracy skills test?

The numeracy skills tests will contain questions from the following topics

In the mental arithmetic section QTS numeracy test:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Amounts of money
  • Time
  • Measurement, including topics such as distance, area and volume
  • Fractions, percentages and decimals as well as their conversions and proportions.

The written section of the numeracy skills test will contain:

  • Interpret and use of information including comparison of data.
  • Tables and two-way tables
  • Bar charts, composite bar charts, Pie charts
  • Line graphs and scatter graphs
  • Box-and-whisker diagrams
  • Cumulative frequency graphs
  • Understanding of simple formulae
  • Fractions, decimals and percentage questions
  • Conversions including time, currency and measures
  • Speed, distance and time questions
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Averages including mean, median and mode as well as the range calculations.

Do you get paper to help you work out the mental arithmetic questions?

Yes you are allowed to ask for scrap paper to help you with your calculations on both the mental arithmetic section as well as the written section of the exam.

Can I use a calculator on the QTS numeracy test?

You are permitted to use a calculator but not on the mental arithmetic section. An onscreen calculator will be provided once you enter the written section of the paper. This calculator will have basic functions that enable to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

How do PSI decide what goes in the professional numeracy skill exam?

The Standards and Testing Agency maintains a bank of equivalent test forms. When you got to take your test you will be presented with an onscreen test which has been randomly selected from the bank of questions. The test bank is maintained with a proportion of questions being replaced each year. For those individuals with special requirements PSI will look to facilitate these, whether that be wheel chair access into the testing centre or arranging a paper version of the test for those who require one for professionally defined reasons. PSI are currently undertaking a trial of new QTS question types which we anticipate will go live in the summer of 2019.

Revision Resources for the Professional Numeracy Skills Test

How do you access the government numeracy skills practice tests?

Practising the numeracy skills tests will help you to familiarise yourself with the format of the tests. It will also help you to practise the different mathematical topics that come up. You can access 4 government tests direct from the government’s STA website.

When you first access the government tests you will have to go through a short registration process but anyone can do this and there is no fee involved. The code required for this process is jhULiqgX but this may be updated from time to time so please check directly through the Department for Educations STA website. You can access the government tests as an interactive online exam, similar to the QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills tests and the PSI tests.

Are there more numeracy skills tests I can practice?

Many prospective teachers complete the 4 government tests and wonder if they can access any more practice numeracy skills tests. Well the answer is yes there are a number of online test providers who claim that their tests are great practice but you have to be careful as very few actually replicate the format of the final exam. Only QTS Maths Tutor offer numeracy skills practice tests that have the same timings, similar format and online answer submission like the real exam. QTS Maths Tutor is also the only online numeracy skills test provider who offer you a free practice test before you sign up to the membership.

What other QTS Maths resources are there?

There are a number of revision resources you can access to help you prepare for your professional qts skills tests. You can purchase books, physical qts maths tests and access on a number of online revision packs. However we believe that the best practise has to be going through numeracy skills tests and question types in the same format as the real exam. That is why at QTS Maths Tutor all of our resources are authentic and aim to replicate the question types and format you will see in your final exam in order to give you the best possible preparation.

Are numeracy skills test books useful?

When looking for revision materials, many people turn to numeracy skills test books. These can be useful when initially introducing you to the qts skills test content but the practice and application of book content to the actual test is limited and this is mostly due to the format of the test. As the test is all sat online under timed conditions, the best possible practice is to replicate these same conditions which can’t be done through a numeracy skills book.

What about the Literacy Skills Test?

You can visit QTS Literacy Tutor, our sister website which is now the leading provider of QTS literacy skills test tuition and practice tests. 

How do you overcome the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test?

There are many things to consider when tackling the mental arithmetic section. These 12 questions are often the difference between failing and passing your numeracy skills test. Ensuring you are confident with the correct mathematical techniques is essential and then practice as much as you can leading up to the exam.

How do you answer the questions within the 18 seconds on the mental arithmetic section?

Similar to the previous question, you need to make sure you know the best mathematical techniques that work for you so that may be the column method for long multiplication for example. It is also strongly advised that you know your common fraction, decimal and percentage conversion off by heart so 1/8 is 0.125 is 12.5% for example. Techniques like this will help you to speed up with the mental arithmetic questions and answer them within the 18 second time limit.

PSI and Booking your numeracy skills test

Who are PSI?

PSI are a training and qualification provider who the department for education have selected to carry out the numeracy skills test assessments.

Where are the PSI testing centres?

There are many numeracy skills testing centres throughout the country. You can see a full list of the PSI locations in the document below. (View in PDF)

Region Centre Name Addr1 Addr2 Addr3 Add4 Postcode
Yorks + Humber Best Training, Scunthorpe Unit 4 + 5 Haldenby House Berkeley Business Park Doncaster Road Scunthorpe DN15 7DQ
Yorks + Humber Business Advice Direct Leeds Unit 2 Linden House Sardinia Street Hunslet Leeds LS10 1BH
West Midlands Business Advice Direct Wolverhampton Suite 7-11, Fourth Floor Derwent House 42-46 Waterloo Road Wolverhampton WV1 4XB
South West CMT Services 28 Duke Street Cornwall St Austell PL25 5PQ
North West Community Training Portal Blackburn 2nd Floor Regent House 55B Regent Street Blackburn BB1 6BH
East Community Training Portal Luton 378 Leagrave Road Luton LU3 1RG
London Computer Learning Centre 65 Kingsley Road Hounslow Middlesex London TW3 1QB
East Midlands Community Training Portal Nottingham First Enterprise 6 Sherwood Rise Nottingham NG7 6JF
East Community Training Portal Watford Victoria House 45-47 Vicarage Road Watford WD18 0DE
North West Edge Hill University St Helens Road Ormskirk Lancashire L39 4QP
East F1 Training Ipswich 2nd Floor Hubbard House 6 Civic Drive Ipswich IP1 2QA
East F1 Training Norwich 48 Prince of Wales Road Norwich NR1 1LL
London Iranian Association 222 King Street London W6 0RA
Scotland Pitman Training 26 York Place Edinburgh EH1 3HP
North West University of Cumbria Lancaster Campus Bowerham Road Lancaster LA1 3JD
East Midlands PSI 5th Floor 60 Charles Street Leicester LE1 1FB
London PSI 8th Floor, Grosvenor House 125 High Street Croydon CR0 9XP
London PSI 3 Caxton Place Roden Street Ilford IG1 2AH
North East PSI 6th Floor Eldon House West Regent Centre Gosforth Newcastle NE3 3PF
North West PSI 1 Union Court 4th Floor Liverpool L2 4SJ
South East PSI 102 Clarendon Road Portsmouth PO4 0SY
South East PSI 81 London Street 2nd Floor Reading RG1 4QA
South East PSI Unit 1 Watlington House Watlington Road Oxford OX4 6NF
Scotland PSI Adelphi Centre 12 Commercial Road Glasgow G5 0PQ
South West CMT Services The Greenway Centre Doncaster Road Southmead Bristol BS10 5PY
South West PSI 2nd Floor Brittany House New North Road Exeter EX4 4EP
South West PSI Cobourg House, 3rd Floor 32 Mayflower Street Plymouth PL1 1QX
West Midlands PSI 3rd Floor 101 Lockhurst Lane Coventry CV6 5SF
Yorks + Humber PSI 3rd Floor, Midcity House 17-21 Furnival Gate Sheffield S1 4QR
North West PSI 6th Floor Boulton House 17-21 Chorlton Street Manchester M1 3HY
West Midlands PSI Gateway House, 3rd Floor 50 – 53 High Street Birmingham B4 7SY
Wales NILC Training, Newport 50 Commercial Road Newport NP20 2PE
East Midlands Northampton College Lower Mounts Northampton NN1 3DE
London PDA (Training) Ltd Lewisham 107 – 109 Lewisham High Street Lewisham Greater London SE13 6AT
Northern Ireland People 1st Belfast Suite 1 Ormeau House 91-97 Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1SH
London UK E Testing Services Stratford 4th Floor Boardman House 64 Broadway Stratford London E15 1NT
North West Preston Academy of English. 38 Ormkirk Road Preston PR1 2QP
Europe IFOPI Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Europe IFOPI Paris 21 Boulevard Richard Lenoir Paris 75011 Paris France
Europe Madrid BAI Escuela de Empresa Y Comunicacion C/ Juan Hurtado de Mendoza 4 28036 Madrid Spain

How much does it cost to book a numeracy skills test?

The first test you book is free, this is also true for your literacy skills test. If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt then each re-sit costs £19.25. You have to pay at the time of booking the test and not on the day. If you have failed to turn up for your first attempt then you will have to pay for any future test although the no show will not count towards your 3 attempts.

How do I book my professional numeracy skills test?

You will firstly need to go directly to the PSI website and register with them. You can register prior to registering with a teacher training provider. You must register after you have applied for a teacher training program and you will need to provide evidence of this when you arrive at the test centre. Once you have registered with PSI you will be able to book your numeracy skills test online through their online process. If you have special access arrangements then you will be prompted for the details of this during the registration process.

How do I pay for my QTS Skills test?

You don’t have to pay for your first attempt of the professional numeracy skills test but for any further attempts you will. You will get asked for payment during the registration process.

What will I need to take on the day of my QTS numeracy test?

You most provide your personal details and take a form of ID such as a driving licence or passport on the day of your QTS exam. Make sure these details match exactly to the ones you submitted when registering as otherwise you may be turned away. You will also need to take proof of your UCAS or teacher training application.

How will PSI communicate with me?

All correspondence tends to be sent via email, so ensure you add the PSI email address to your contacts list to avoid it entering your spam folder. Make sure you submit an email that you check regularly so that you don’t miss any important updates or information.

Re-sitting and rescheduling your numeracy skills test

How many attempts at the numeracy skills test do I get?

In February 2018 the government changes the rules for both professional QTS Skills Tests allowing candidates to sit the tests as many times as they need to in order to pass them. This also means there is no longer a 2 year lock out period.

What do I do if I have to re-sit the numeracy skills test?

If you do not pass your test it is advised that you study your score report and revise your weak areas before re-booking. QTS Maths Tutor can provide all of the revision materials you need in order to help you pass your numeracy skills test.

After a minimum of 48 hours since the previous test, you will be able to log into your account to book your next attempt unless you have just failed your third attempt in which case you will enter a lockout period.

What Happens if I fail my numeracy skills test three times?

Under the new rules there will be no lock out period and you won’t have to pay for your first three attempts. If you haven’t passed your numeracy skills test after the third attempt you will then be required to pay a small fee when booking your next attempt.

How long is the numeracy skills test valid for?

If you pass your numeracy skills test then this will remain valid for 3 years and will enable you to enrol onto a teacher training program anytime during this period. If the course you are applying for is beyond the 3 year period, you will have to re-take the QTS skills tests.

What happens when I have booked my qts maths test?

Once you have confirmed your booking via the PSI system, you can: access your details, manage your booking, view your results from the numeracy skills test as well as a full history of all of your test results including your literacy skills test.

Can I cancel or reschedule my qts numeracy test?

Yes but you must give at least 3 days notice if you want to cancel or book an alternative time.

What should I do if I am ill?

If you are ill on the day of your numeracy skills test or in the couple of days leading up to it, contact the skills test helpline 0300 303 9613.

QTS numeracy skills tutor

What areas of the country do your numeracy skills tutors cover?

You can access our numeracy skills practice tests from anywhere in the country and the same is true about our tuition. QTS Maths Tutor now has the most extensive qts numeracy tutor network which spread across all the major cities in England. We can offer face to face tuition in just about every area. We also offer online tuition which means you can access a numeracy skills tutor from anywhere in the country.

How do you book a numeracy skills tutor?

You simply complete a book a tutor form through the QTS Maths Tutor website and you will be contacted well within 24 hours by one of our team to discuss the different tuition options. We will always look to book you in for the fewest amount of lessons possible in order to get you ready and confident for the day you take your professional qts skills test.

Access 21 Practice Tests, to Use Time and Again to Help You Pass the Professional Numeracy Skills Test!

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Our QTS Maths tutors are teachers and tutors with years of experience of helping prospective teachers gain their qualified teacher status by passing the Maths Skills test. We are able to help our students overcome many difficulties associated with the numeracy skills test. The following are just some of the areas in the test that our tutors will comprehensively cover:


Percentage calculations are required both in the calculator and non-calculator part of the numeracy skills test. The method we tutor for the non-calculator is a way of breaking percentages down into smaller values which makes the mental arithmetic much easier and faster with fewer mistakes.


There are a number of ratio and proportion questions that come up in the QTS Maths exam. The Miles to Kilometres conversion is a common question, as is currency conversions. Our QTS Maths tutors use a column method for all these types of question which speeds up the calculation for many and makes these questions easily answerable in the 18 second time limit.

Long division, multiplication and addition

The bus stop method is used for long division, which many students are aware of but are often a little rusty so need a brush up on this before the test. The column method is used for both long multiplication and addition. Some candidates opt for the grid method when it comes to multiplication. This is currently what is recommended in the KS2 Curriculum.

Multiplying and dividing with decimals

With decimals our tutors simply show you a technique where you move the decimal place, use the methods described in part 3, and then move the decimal back. Building on the same techniques all helps with the speed of answering questions which is essential in the 12 question mental arithmetic part of the numeracy skills test, so keep practising!

Fractions and conversions

Knowing your fraction rules and how to convert into percentages and decimals is essential. For the mental maths section of the skills test, knowing your conversions off by heart really helps you to speed up.

Two way graphs

You may not have seen these since the years of GCSE Maths which may be a while ago. Practising how to use them will reduce the number of errors you make in the numeracy skills test.

Cumulative Frequency

This is usually seen as cumulative frequency curves within the written section of the numeracy skills test. Knowing how to calculate the median and interquartile range will help you to master these QTS questions.

Box Plots

Are reasonably straight forward once you’ve gone back over them. Make sure you know where 25%, 50% and 75% of the data sits.


Mean, Median, Mode and Range are quite common questions in the QTS Maths test.

Other charts

Pie charts and tables are frequently used as QTS Maths questions and being able to quickly read off the information will help you in the final exam.

General Equations

On the non mental-arithmetic section of the paper, you will be required to substitute values into equations and calculate an answer.

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