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How QTS Maths Tutor will help get your Numeracy Ready

QTS Maths Tutor offers prospective teachers the opportunity to practice for the professional numeracy skills test to help you become numeracy ready. Our QTS maths have been created using the feedback of previous students and expert maths tutors with extensive experience of tutoring people for the numeracy skills test. If you want to get your numeracy ready in time for your test, take a look at our free qts maths test and see how useful you find it. If you find our free test useful you can sign up and access 21 qts maths tests along with 8 revision tests and model solutions for every question!

The other service we offer is expert numeracy skills tutors who have the knowledge and experience to help you pass your professional numeracy skills test. You may lack confidence in maths and you may find the timing aspect of the mental arithmetic questions difficult but it doesn’t matter as with the right support you can overcome these questions and ultimately pass your numeracy skills test. If you are looking to book a numeracy skills tutor in London, Leeds, or any other place, then contact QTS maths Tutor today and we will help to get your numeracy ready!

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How To Become Numeracy Ready

QTS Numeracy Skills Practice Tests | Numeracy Ready Tests 

QTS Maths Tutor offer many numeracy skills services to help you become numeracy ready. We offer a free numeracy skills practice test with a further 20 numeracy skills tests when you become a QTS Maths Tutor member, all to help you get numeracy ready. As part of our membership you receive the following:

  • 21 numeracy skills practice tests. The QTS Maths tests we provide have additional features which are described below.
  • 8 topic revision tests to help you practise the specific question types you struggle on, one after another until you get it and are numeracy ready!
  • Model solutions for over 650 mental arithmetic and written data questions.

The 21 numeracy skills tests that you get access to as part of the QTS Maths Tutor, numeracy ready membership include the following features and functionality:

  1. Online answer submission just like your professional numeracy skills test.
  2. 12 mental arithmetic questions with the correct timing displayed, if you run out of time on a question, it skips to the next one, just like the real exam!
  3. 16 onscreen written questions that you can attempt in any order, just like the actual professional skills test.
  4. Our QTS numeracy tests have a ‘Practise Mode’ which enables you to strip out the timer and practise the questions in any order to help familiarise yourself with the content of the exam.
  5. Our numeracy skills tests enable you to add the 25% extra time if you have been awarded this so again to help reflect the experience you will have in your actual exam.
  6. An answer sheet which tells you which questions you got wrong, which topic they were from and what your overall percentage was. Having this insight can help you to focus on your weaker areas and can get your numeracy ready sooner.

Other providers of online numeracy skills tests and revision materials, including Numeracy Ready, G&A Numerical and QTS Maths do not have the features that our tests do and therefore do not reflect what the Learndirect professional numeracy skills test in an accurate way.

Numeracy Skills Test Tuition | QTS Maths Tutors | Numeracy Ready QTS Skills Test

As well as tests and revision materials QTS Maths Tutor provide expert numeracy skills test tuition. Our QTS numeracy tutors know the numeracy skills question types inside out and can help you with the most effective ways to answer each question to help you become numeracy ready.

QTS Maths Tutor offers the most comprehensive revision package for your professional numeracy skills test. So whether you are looking for numeracy ready discount codes, numeracy ready login details or anything numeracy ready related, think QTS Maths Tutor.

How can I tell if I am numeracy ready?

At QTS Maths Tutor we believe that sitting practice tests and monitoring your score is a good way to know whether you are numeracy ready, i.e. ready to sit your professional numeracy skills test. It is generally thought that the numeracy skills test pass mark is around 18 but obviously to be confident of passing you want to ensure you are achieving a few marks above this so 20 is a good benchmark to aim for in your practice tests.

What does numeracy ready feel like?

When you are ready to take your numeracy skills test you will confident with the content and although the timing aspect of the exam will still be on your mind you will feel that as long as you remain focused during the mental arithmetic section that it won’t be an issue. In terms of the written section, you will be able to confidently tackle most questions when you are numeracy ready. From box plots to cumulative frequency curves, no topic will be too challenging at the point when you are ready to sit your numeracy skills tests. You will not be concerned about any question type appearing when you’re numeracy ready as you will have revised all of those tricky questions in depth.

How do I become numeracy ready?

The answer to this question is different for each individual. For some, simply sitting the numeracy skills practice tests will be enough. Others who aren’t as confident with Maths may decide to opt for some tuition and additional support. For those who require that extra bit of support, expert QTS Maths tuition can really help with learning the most effective methods to tackle all of the different types of questions that can appear in the numeracy skills test. With a QTS Maths Tutor you will be numeracy ready in no time! Contact us today if you want to book a numeracy skills tutor.

What services do you offer to help me become numeracy ready?

At QTS Maths Tutor we provide a free practice test  to help students to prepare as well as an additional 20 numeracy skills tests which can be accessed via our sign up service, all helping to get you numeracy ready. In addition to this we offer QTS Maths tuition to those who feel like they need additional support to help get them numeracy ready. Whether it is practise numeracy skills tests or expert numeracy skills tutors, all of our services are aimed at getting you numeracy ready!

We also offer model solutions for the government numeracy skills practice tests as well as our own tests and revision topic tests. All of our numeracy skills practice tests have additional features with the sole aim of helping you to prepare in the most effective way possible, getting you numeracy ready in no time! If you want to be numeracy ready, or want more information about how you get numeracy ready, then contact QTS Maths Tutor today.

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If you are looking for a Numeracy Ready discount code then look no further. We can offer a free numeracy skills test where you can take a practice test that will help get your numeracy ready for the exam. Try the free numeracy skills test today and see how useful you find it.