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NFA Fire Service Tests

As part of the application and selection process to become a firefighter, applicants must sit the National Firefighter Ability tests (NFA tests). The three NFA tests consist of a numerical reasoning test, a literacy test and finally a situational and judgement test. In order to be considered to become a firefighter in the UK, you must successfully sit each of these tests.

During your application to become a firefighter, you will be required to sit 3 online assessments. These 3 tests are unlike any exam you will have sat before. The numerical reasoning test includes challenging mathematical problems and life like business data. In order to sufficiently prepare for the 3 NFA online tests during your application, you must revise accordingly. Applicants that are serious and dedicated to becoming a firefighter will need to understand the importance of passing these tests, which is why there is no better way to begin your revision than trying our free online practice tests. These tests are designed to mirror question that have previously come up during the firefighter numerical reasoning test. Register to have full access to all 11 practice tests for free today. These tests allow applicants to gain experience of the type of questions that can come up during the actual test. Try the free online practice test today.

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NFA Fire Service Tests Tutors

Whilst one of the most effective ways to prepare for the national firefighter ability tests is to use practice tests, one of the most effective ways to revise is with the help of a private tutor. We provide private tuition, delivered by numerical reasoning test experts. The tutors that we supply provide tuition specifically for the NFA numerical reasoning tests. Our tutors work full time and have delivered tuition to hundreds of applicants before, helping them build their confidence and ability. If you would like to book one of our expert tutors, contact us today.

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Yes we have a team of experts to advise you and provide you with the best NFA test materials to help you prepare for your exams. 

Yes we have Firefighter maths test papers and example questions to help you prepare for your exam. 

Yes we have specialist numerical reasoning test tutors that can help you prepare for your fire service maths test. This aptitude test is difficult but with the right support from an expert tutor you will learn the skills for the test very quickly. 

We can help you prepare more effectively for your firefighter maths test resit and ensure you are well equipped and feeling much more confident the next time you take the test. 

You can find all the fire service maths test answers for all of our practice tests as soon as you login to the members area. 

Different regions have different Firefighter maths tests but we can help you to prepare for yours regardless of your locality because all of the tests are very similar and test your ability to solve problems and perform mathematical calculations that are likely to come up in your day to day job as a member of the fire service team. 


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