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Nursing is one of the most competitive professions to get in to. Due to the nature of the role and importance of using numbers, whilst applying to become a training nurse, you must sit a numerical reasoning test. The Nurses test is comprised of 3 parts; an aptitude test, a psychometric test and finally a numerical reasoning test.

The numerical reasoning test that training nurses have to sit is unlike any maths test you will have previously sat. Even if you possess strong mathematical ability gained from high GCSE and A-Level Maths grades, this test will be challenging. The nursing numerical reasoning test consists of complex data interpretation, combined with a strict time limit. If you are serious about becoming a trainee nurse, you will have to take the sufficient amount of time to prepare for the test. There is no better way to prepare for the nursing numerical reasoning test, than to try the free online practice tests. The free online practice tests has been designed by our expert team, to give nursing applicants the best idea of the type of questions that they are likely to face. Register to access all 11 of the practice tests we have to offer for free today.

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The preferred method of revising for many trainee nurses is to take advantage of private tuition. We are able to provide numerical reasoning test expert tutors. Our tutors have a track record of helping nursing students pass the numerical reasoning test, with years of experience tutoring for it. All of the tutors that we provide are fully trained, fully qualified and are DBS checked for your peace of mind. Our tutors can help build your confidence and work through the different question types, to ensure that you are ready to sit the nursing numerical reasoning test. If you would like to book one of our expert numerical reasoning test tutors, contact us today.

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Nursing Maths Test FAQS

The quick answer is of course we can! There are many different ways we help people prepare for their nursing maths exam and it all depends on the individual person as to how much input they want and need.
Yes we have nursing maths test past papers and example questions to help you prepare for your numeracy test.
Give us a call or email and we will book an expert numeracy tutor for you to help you pass your numerical reasoning test for nursing.
As well as nursing maths test papers we also have topic revision tests to ensure you nail the most common topics like percentages, ratio and fractions.
Yes, one of the other key service we offer is support for GCSE Biology Equivalency tests that many prospective nurses have to pass in order to get onto their training courses or university course.
Yes, we often hear many people telling us how much they hate maths and that they will never pass their nursing maths test. The good news is our experienced team have helped more people to prepare and pass their nursing numeracy test so we are confident we can help the vast majority of people even if you dislike maths with a passion.


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