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Pilot Numerical Reasoning Test

As part of training to become a pilot, whether that is through the RAF or an independent company, you will be required to sit a numerical reasoning test. This numerical reasoning test is designed to test your capability to work under a timed environment. Due to the nature of pilot’s jobs, employers find these tests to be highly important during the application process. To be considered during your application process to become a pilot, you must successfully complete a numerical reasoning test alongside other psychometric and aptitude tests.

A common way to prepare for the Pilot numerical reasoning test is to familiarise yourself with the layout of the exam and the type of questions the test will throw at you, by using online practice tests. We provide free online practice tests to all Pilots that are preparing to sit their numerical reasoning test. The free online practice tests are designed to give you an understanding of how challenging the tests time constraints are. These tests are accompanied by detailed answer sheets, to give you an thorough understand of how you have performed, and which areas of the numerical reasoning test you need to prioritise your revision for, as well as video solutions for each of the question types. Try the free online practice test today.

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Pilot Numerical Reasoning Test

Whilst the use of practice tests is a very effective way of preparing for the Pilot numerical reasoning test, if you are struggling with certain question types that are coming up on the practice tests, we would advise a private tutor. We offer market leading numerical reasoning private tuition, delivered by experts. Our expert tutors have years of experience tutoring specifically for numerical reasoning tests, in fact the tutors that we provide have a track record of helping trainee pilots pass the pilot numerical reasoning test during the application to becoming a pilot. All of our tutors are fully trained and fully qualified, with a minimum of a mathematical degree. The tutors are all DBS checked for your peace of mind. If you would like to book an expert tutor to help with the numerical reasoning test for your application to becoming a pilot, contact us today.

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Pilot Numerical Reasoning Test FAQS

Yes we have practice tests and other resources for your pilots numerical reasoning test.
Yes our numerical reasoning tutors are experienced in helping people to prepare for their Pilots maths aptitude test.
The short answer is no but it is for many good reasons. Firstly we don’t do anything which is dishonest, secondly, most pilot training, pilot academies (including the EASA pilot training) require you to sit a numerical reasoning test when you go for interview or an assessment centre and therefore passing the one online and then failing in person will only mean you get rejected from the course anyway. You must prepare to pass your online pilot maths test which in turn will help you with interviews and assessment day maths tests.
Currently we only focus on helping people with their pilot numerical reasoning test but we can suggest other areas for support with your other pilot psychometric tests.
As well as the pilot numerical reasoning tests we also have topic revision tests to ensure your fundamental maths skills are up to speed. So after sitting one of our practice tests, you can see what areas you need to work on and then use our topic revision tests to perfect fractions, percentages and any other topic you may need to work on.
The cost of our numerical reasoning service will depend on which service package you go for. Typically people purchase a resource pack for around £9.99 and then have 3-4 lessons with an expert tutor, so in total spend around £110 to fully prepare. However, we do have other people that make use of all of our free resources without spending anything or may get the basic resource package and stick with that to keep costs down. It really does depend on how much input you want and need to help you pass.


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