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Online Functional Skills Maths

By QTS Maths Tutor|2021-08-20T14:18:37+00:00August 20th, 2021|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction Due to the online format being easily accessible and convenient, online functional skills math revision and exams are becoming increasingly popular. Many people have changed their habits as a result of the pandemic, and one behaviour that was already changing was learners turning to online learning; the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated this movement. You can now access all of the materials you need to achieve a functional skills maths qualification, both level 1 and level 2, from the comfort of your home.   Online Functional Skills Maths Revision From online courses to functional maths level 2 past papers, you will get all the revision tools you need online.QTS Maths Tutor offers both level 1 and level 2 math courses online. Additionally, we provide free access to online papers as well as other revision tools such as our invaluable pre-assessment. The pre-assessment allows learners to work through a list of questions which are similar to exam questions in order to identify the areas where you need to improve, in order to pass the qualification. There are always resources such as study guides, exam papers, and revision flashcards that can be ordered and delivered to your home for those learners who prefer something practical to revise from, Once you’ve completed your revision and are confident that you’ll pass the exam, you can book it and take it from the comfort of your own home, as outlined below.   Online Functional Skills Maths Exam Because they are more accessible and handy, online functional skills maths revision and exams are becoming more popular and common. The pandemic has had a massive impact on everyone’s lives and has changed the way exams are taken. Online exams have always been available, and the pandemic has just accelerated this transition as most education providers have relocated their exams online for the benefit of their learners. You can now take and access all revision exam material for both the level 1 and level 2 functional skills maths.   FAQs   Is it safe to take an exam online? Yes, taking tests online rather than on paper is a lot safer way to keep track of them. The exam invigilators are well-trained and ensure that the exam rules are observed while maintaining a close eye on the exam at all times.   Is there a difference between an online exam and a paper-based exam? Yes, there is no difference in qualification; but, because that information is unnecessary, your certificate will not state that it was achieved online. The fact that you have acquired the credential is all that matters.   Is it true that the online math tests are official? Yes, Ofqual oversees the online mathematical tests, which means they are approved by the UK government.   Will I receive a hard copy of the certificate if I pass? Yes, we provide a digital copy of the certificate and also a paper copy which is mailed to your home address.   Would I need to know how to use computers and have particular software? No, you do not need special software or technical knowledge if you can operate a simple laptop or computer.   Why should I take an online functional skills maths test instead of going to a test center? The majority of the people choose this option because it is more convenient, with results arriving much faster with no need to visit a test centre. You can also take the MME exams at different times throughout the day.  

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