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Qts maths tutor works alongside Pass Functional Skills to assist people in obtaining their functional skills certificates. You can use this service to study for your functional skills exams and get help scheduling an Ofqual-approved exam.    Functional skills qualifications are crucial for students who do not have a GCSE grade C or level 4, as well as overseas students who wish to enrol in courses to find jobs in the UK, since they demonstrate maths and english abilities that course providers and employers seek out. If you don’t have a GCSE in maths or english, functional skills are the best option. Achieving a Level 2 or above is advantageous because it is a requirement for all further educational programmes.    Universities, corporations, and course providers all throughout the country recognize level 2 qualifications as equivalent to a level 4 qualification. Ever since the pandemic, Ofqual have developed online functional skills maths exams in collaboration with all of the exam boards that are comparable in value to the paper exams that were previously available. You may take your level 2 exam by utilising a computer and a camera, which can easily be set up from the comfort of your own home, Located below are links to import revision material and exam registration pages      Ofqual is in charge of the level 2 Maths and English qualifications that we recommend, qts maths tutor can provide expert coaching to help you pass your functional skills maths exams on your first attempt.    Functional Skills Level 1   Pass Functional Skills is dedicated to helping people obtain their level 1 Maths and English qualifications. From past papers to study resources, this specialised website has it all. The following are some of the important level 1 Maths and English pages    

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