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Pass Your QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Test

Pass Your QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Test

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  • Numeracy and Literacy Tests covered.
  • All major topic areas explained.
  • Worked examples for all key question types.
  • Hundreds of practice questions.
  • Mock numeracy and Literacy tests.
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This combined qts skills test book is perfect for those aspiring teachers looking to revise for and pass their professional skills tests. If you are preparing for your numeracy and literacy skills test then this book will take you through all of the topics covered in each test with multiple questions, worked examples and explanations. The book even contains qts mock papers and advice on where you can find additional support if you are struggling with your revision. Pass your QTS numeracy and Literacy skills test is arguably the most comprehensive skills test book available, with more practice questions, examples and explanations than any other book available. It is also the most up to date qts skills test book which takes account of all the test questions changes that have taken place from 2017 to 2019. All of these new question types are covered in the book in great depth. Prepare effectively for your professional skills test with this combined qts book.


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