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Pass your QTS Literacy Skills Test

Pass your QTS Literacy Skills Test


  • Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Comprehension sections covered.
  • Explanations for every topic and question type.
  • Hundreds of practice questions.
  • Top tips in what to do in the exam.
  • Mock exam papers.


For prospective teachers, the literacy skills test can represent the final barrier to gaining entry on to an initial teacher training course. The purpose of the test is to ensure that all trainee teachers have a functional level of literacy that is required to perform the role of a teacher. The literacy skills test can be quite a challenge for many people, especially if they haven’t studied English for a long time. With the prominence of social media, people now use quick and easy English or slang, rather than the formal English required when carrying out a professional teaching role. Therefore revising for the test is essential to ensure that key concepts and rules are covered. This book covers the four key areas of the literacy skills test: spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension. Each section is explained with the use of examples and top tips are provided. Each section has practise questions to help reinforce the key rules that come up in the test. There are three mock exams at the end of the book to further help with revision. The book also references online resources such as mock exams that represent a true likeness to the real test.


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