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Practice for your QTS Skills Test: 8 Full Practice Tests

Practice for your QTS Skills Test: 8 Full Practice Tests


  • 4 numeracy skills mock tests.
  • 4 literacy skills mock tests.
  • Written versions of the tests for those who want to practise on paper.
  • Full answers provided.
  • New question types covered for 2019-2020.


This QTS skills test book is one in a series of books aimed at helping prospective teachers prepare for their professional skills tests. This QTS book presents realistic practice tests that give people an insight into the topics and types of questions that may appear in the professional skills exams. The book contains 4 numeracy skills tests and 4 literacy skills tests with corresponding answers, so you can easily check which questions you have answered correctly whilst determining the areas you need to work on. Both sets of practice tests follow the same structure as the actual exam. The literacy tests cover spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension; whilst the numeracy tests contain all the major topics covered in the exam. Both sets of tests have an answers section, but they do not contain detailed solutions or explanations. The tests within this book are a good form of practise for both of your professional skills tests but we do strongly recommend that the tests are used in combination with online practice tests that provide a test format more closely aligned with the real exams which are carried out on computers.


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