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As January progresses more and more people are booking and preparing to take the QTS Skills Tests. Whilst preparing for the professional skills tests you have to navigate a minefield of resources and numeracy skills books, so how do you get the best resources and help without overpaying? Our following tips will help you to find the resources you need without overpaying for them.  
  1. Determine what you need for your QTS Skills Tests; this will depend on how confident you are and how quickly you pick the content up. Using the free government tests is a good place to start. If after the first 3 tests you are still struggling to score 50% or above then you are likely to need a bit more input, if you are scoring above 60% then you will probably be able to practise a few more tests and feel ready for your professional skills tests.
  2. Purchase a QTS Skills testing package for both your literacy and numeracy skills test. The government tests are fine but they are outdated and there are only 4 of them which aren’t usually enough for most people to pass.
  3. Before you purchase a package make sure you have had a practise of the tests before parting with your money. If you can’t try before you buy then our advice but we don’t risk it. At QTS Maths Tutor we always allow you to try before you buy, have a go at our free numeracy skills practice test before you decide to sign up.
  4. If you are practising the tests and after 5-10 tests you are still struggling to get to 18 or above on the practice tests then consider additional help. If you do book a tutor make sure they are a professional skills test tutor not just a GCSE Maths tutor or English tutor.
  5. If you do go for tuition, work hard between the lessons and try to keep the number of lessons you have to a minimum. If you revise hard for your professional skills tests you shouldn’t require any more than 4-6 lessons in order to get ready for the exams.
  Whether you are sitting your numeracy skills test, literacy skills test or preparing for both professional skills tests at the same time, make sure you get the best resources to help you succeed on your first attempt.   Contact QTS Maths Tutor today for more information about the QTS Skills Tests services we offer.

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