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QTS Maths Tutor is the UK’s leading provider of resources and private tuition for the numeracy skills test. If you are wanting help for the literacy skills test, contact our partner site; QTS Literacy Tutor.  QTS Literacy Tutor provides online practice tests for the literacy skills test. The tests we provide are in the same format as the real literacy skills test that you will sit, as well as being under the same time constraints. You can however, choose to add 25% extra time or pause the practice tests at any point, this is so that you can learn the ins and outs of the test first, before you challenge yourself to sit the test in a life like, timed environment.

QTS Literacy Tutor offers a free online practice test, this practice test is designed to give you an indication of the tests layout and a feel for our excellent resources. After completing the free online practice test, you can register to access the further 9 practice tests we have available on the website. With these tests, you also have access to detailed answer sheets and video solutions for each and every question type. QTS Literacy Tutor also offers market leading private tuition. We offer both in person and online tuition, delivered by full time literacy skills test experts. There really is no better place to go to ensure you pass your literacy skills test. If you would like to book a literacy skills test expert tutor, or would like to speak to one of our tuition support team, contact QTS Literacy Tutor today.

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