At QTS Maths Tutor we are pleased to say that our new updates feature on the homepage will now display all of our most recent updates to the website, service and tests all in one place so that you as prospective teachers preparing for their numeracy skills test can see what new additions there have been to help you pass your professional numeracy skills test.

Calculator Added

One of our most recent updates is the addition of a calculator to the written section of our numeracy skills practice tests. This was done to further enhance the tests and help people get use to using a basic onscreen calculator which is very similar to the one in the professional numeracy skills test.

A second update to our service is the addition of QTS literacy tutors to our service. We now have expert QTS literacy tutors who can help you to prepare for your QTS English test. As with our numeracy skills tutors, all of the QTS English tutors have experience in tutoring for this specific exam and know how to get people through it. Therefore if you are looking for a literacy skills tutor in London or Leeds or anywhere else, then please get in touch today and QTS Maths Tutor can help.

Area and Volume

The most recent update which has been made to the website is the addition of a new question type. It has been recently reported that the professional numeracy skills tests have had a number of new types o questions which people haven’t seen before. The main question type has been area which comes under the heading of measure. There appears to have been a shift in the most recent tests to include a number of area and shape questions with some students reporting to have had 5 of these all within one test.

Don’t Get Caught Out By This Question!

At QTS Maths Tutor we collect all feedback and use it to help update the tests to make sure they are the most relevant tests out there and as a result we have included more area questions within our practice numeracy skills tests. One question in particular involving football pitches can be found on our homepage and is an example of a question which seems to have caught a number of people out when sitting their test so we have added to the site and provided a model solution to it to help you prepare more effectively for your professional numeracy skills test.

With QTS Maths Tutor you can be assured to receive excellent help when preparing for your professional QTS skills test whether that is for numeracy or literacy. With our online numeracy skills tests you can be confident that you will have the most up to date tests available that accurately reflect the types of questions you will see in your final exam.

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