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What is QTS Maths Tutor?

We are a service that offers people the chance to access realistic numeracy skills tests that follow the governments guidelines and provide an opportunity for people to practise interactive tests. The tests also have additional ‘revision friendly’ features which can be accessed via the practise mode. In addition to the numeracy skills tests, we also offer expert QTS Maths tuition from trained professionals who know the numeracy skills content inside out. The final aspect of our service is QTS Maths revision materials which are all designed to improve your chances of passing the numeracy skills test. As our service evolves we expect to add more and more useful materials and features to our numeracy skills tests, making QTS Maths Tutor the most comprehensive service available when it comes to preparing for your numeracy skills test.

Who QTS Maths Tutor?

QTS Maths Tutor are a collection of tutors, teachers, web developers and education consultants. Together we came up with the idea of QTS Maths Tutor a number of years ago and after securing funding for the idea we decided to make our vision become a reality. The original team behind the idea are still an integral part of our service and are working hard to improve the service all the time.

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