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QTS Numeracy Skills Test Book

QTS Numeracy Skills Test Book

How can a book help you to prepare for your numeracy skills test?

Using a book is one of the most common ways to prepare for your numeracy skills test. There are many good books out there to help you during your revision for your skills test, they provide detailed descriptions of each topic within the test and example questions for you to practice with. There are however a few things to look out for when deciding which book to purchase. Always purchase the most recent publication of a book. There will be a reason why some appear to be heavily discounted, this may be because they are a an older publication. Books that are not the most recent version are likely to have older topics and not include new ones that have been recently added to the tests. If you have experience sitting the test, you will be well aware that the topics change all the time, so it is always important to purchase the most up to date version of a book. The second thing to look out for whilst deciding on which numeracy skills test book to purchase is how well it has been reviewed. See our top 10 numeracy skills test books for in depth reviews.

 If a book has bad reviews then it is heavily likely that it is not going to help you sufficiently for your test, our tip is to always look out for a book that has over 4.5 stars in its reviews and take time to read what people have said. Taking a small amount of time to read reviews of what real people have said about the book could be crucial to you finding the right book for you. After all, you won’t want to waste money on a book that won’t suit your requirements. QTS Maths Tutor provides one of the most highly rated books that you can buy. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon today.

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