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QTS Numeracy Skills Test Video Tutorials

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Video solutions and YouTube tutorials for the QTS


To understand what solution videos are, first you are best taking a look at some of the video solutions that QTS Maths Tutor provide on our YouTube channel. A lot of people have a preferred method of revising, this usually sits in one of four categories. Visual, which is using images and in this case videos. Aural, which is by hearing. Verbal, which is by speaking and finally physical, which is by using your hands. More and more people are looking towards sites such as Youtube for answers to questions for the numeracy skills test, and it sort of makes sense when you think about it.


With a youtube video, you can pause it whenever you like if you are struggling with the speed the person in the video is going at and skip bits of the video if they are going too slowly. So in short, yes video solutions can be great for setting your own learning speed and dependant on what sort of learner you are, using video solutions might be a very effective method of revising for you. See the QTS Maths Tutor YouTube channel for a great selection of both numeracy and literacy skills test videos.

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