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QTS Maths Tutor now offers resources and tuition for the Literacy Skills Test, through our sister company; QTS Literacy Tutor. QTS Literacy Tutor offers private, one to one tuition, delivered by literacy skills test experts. The literacy skills test is one of the crucial stages that trainee teachers must pass in order to proceed to the next step of achieving the goal of being a fully trained teacher. The literacy skills test consists of a number of different sections. Firstly there is the spelling section of the test. An applicant can score no more than 10 marks during this part of the test, this challenges your spelling ability, as you will hear an audio sentence repeated twice, you then need to correctly spell the missing word. The next part of the test is the punctuation section. This part of the test is marked out of 10. You will then move on to the third section of the test, which you will be marked on your grammar.

This section of the test can vary from 8 to 12 marks, dependant on the individual test. Finally, the final part of the test is the comprehension section. Similarly to the grammar section, this can be 8 to 12 marks dependant on the individual test. The literacy skills test can be very challenging for applicants, who have not experienced this level of intense literacy before. Added to that, there are time constraints to each question during the first half of the test, and an overall time limit for the second part of the test.

This is why we advise all applicants to revise thoroughly before taking the test. We offer life like test questions, that are almost identical to the real thing, in an environment where you will feel the real pressures of the exam. If you are finding either the time limiting aspect of the test difficult, or the topics themselves challenging, contact out tuition support team today to book a literacy skills test tutor. We also offer a free online practise test, where you can trial our service before registering for 10 practise tests.

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