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QTS Skills Test Changes

By QTS Maths Tutor|2018-02-18T19:47:15+00:00February 18th, 2018|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
QTS Maths Tutor is providing a further update regarding the QTS Skills Test changes.   Earlier on this week, Nick Gibb, the minister for education, announced that the professional skills tests will no longer have a lock out period and those who have paid for resits after the 24th of October 2017 will be refunded. This means prospective teachers are now able to take both their numeracy skills test and literacy skills tests as many times as they need to in order to pass it. However, candidates should note that initial teacher training (ITT) providers will still set strict deadlines which candidates will have to stick to and failure to pass the test within the time scales set by the ITT’s will mean that you are not offered a place on their training course so it is still essential to prepare effectively for the QTS Skills Tests and try to pass them in good time.   On Thursday the 15th of February the government with the help of Learndirect emailed all the aspiring teachers who previously failed their QTS Skills Tests to inform them that they will now be able to book a resit. Some estimates suggest that this has now opened the door to an additional 9000 people who desire to become teachers. We predict that this will result in a large increase in teacher training applications as well as more people using our service to help them pass the numeracy skills test.   If you are preparing for professional skills tests then see the following resources

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