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Read independent customer reviews from both of our QTS skills test services. We are the best rated provider of numeracy and literacy skills practice tests as well as one to one tuition.

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The Professional QTS Skills Tests

The QTS skills tests are what all prospective teachers have to pass in order to continue on to a teacher training course and gain qualified teacher status. They consist of a literacy and numeracy skills test. People have to pass both exams and often they are the final stumbling block before completing an initial teacher training course. Many People use the resources on the governments STA website to start the process of revising for their QTS skills tests but appreciate the tests are outdated and limited as there are only 4 of the literacy and numeracy tests available. These practice tests are useful for familiarising yourself with the format of the exams but to get the most up to date resources and questions types we suggest using our practice qts skills tests which you can purchase together if you are revising for both.


Professional QTS Skills Tests Tutors

One of the key parts to passing the professional QTS skills tests is revision using the right materials. The free numeracy and literacy skills test provided at the top of this page are excellent resources to help you prepare. They contain all of the most relevant questions types that have been consistently appearing in the exams over recent times. For those who really struggle with either or both skills tests may consider booking a specialist tutor. A QTS skills test tutor will be able to provide you with the tricks, tips and methods required to overcome the challenges presented by each test.


QTS Skills Tests Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass mark for the QTS skills test?

The pass mark for each professional skills test can vary depending on the difficulty of the exam presented. On average it is thought that around 63% is enough to pass both the numeracy and literacy test. This equates to 18 marks out of 28 in the numeracy and the literacy varies in terms of mark as the total mark for the test can be anything from 42 to 49 marks.

Which test is harder?

Nationally the numeracy skills test is considered more difficult according to the government’s statistics with more people failing this test. However, it is individual, people who struggle with English usually find the literacy more challenging and some people find both skills tests difficult.

Which QTS skills test book is the best one to buy?

See our top 10 qts skills books and reviews on each of them. The books are good as an introduction to the professional skills test but online practice tests are a better way of actually preparing for the exam.

How do I book a QTS skills tutor?

Submit a book a tutor form and we will give you a call to discuss your requirements. All of our tutors are QTS Specialists and so we are confident we can help the vast majority of people to pass both exams.

What revision materials are there for the literacy and numeracy skills test?

Many people start their professional skills test journey by purchasing a book which is fine to begin with but you will need more practise to help you prepare. The free qts skills tests on the STA website are a great way to start your exam practise and get use to the exam format. However, these tests are about 4 years old and haven’t been updated with the new question types. The QTS Maths Tutor and QTS Literacy Tutor practice tests and resources provide everything you need pass your qts skills tests.

Who is the provider of the QTS Skills Test and Testing Centres?

The current provider is PSI but the government is handing over the responsibility to PSI who is the new QTS Skills Test provider. PSI Online will run the skills test booking as well as all the testing centres from next year.

Which testing centre do I have to use for my professional skills tests? 

You can book in to any testing centre in the country. Most people book in to the centre which is closest to them but as the initial teacher training deadlines get closer, the availability at some centres becomes less and less so you may want to choose a different centre that has more suitable dates for you.

Should I buy a literacy and numeracy skills test book?

You may want to purchase revision materials in hard copy to help you revise but please note that whether you buy one of our QTS skills test books or another providers, they all have limited usefulness. A far better resource are the practice numeracy and literacy skills tests.

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