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QTS Skills Tests

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The QTS Skills Tests are what all aspiring teachers have to pass in order to gain fully qualified teacher status. If you are looking to gain entry on to your initial teacher training course (ITT) then you will have to pass both the numeracy and professional literacy skills tests prior to starting your course.

The professional numeracy skills test is the one which more people find difficult simply due to the timing aspect of the exam which means you have to perform quick mental maths calculations. The mental arithmetic section of the QTS Maths test is 12 questions long with each question lasting 18 seconds after the second repeat. This takes some practice to master the mental arithmetic section. Many people start by looking at QTS skills test books before moving onto purchasing practice numeracy skills tests. The written data section isn’t as challenging for most but you still have to revise topics such as pie charts, mean, median, mode and averages.

The professional literacy skills test is still quite tricky, especially if you have studied English as an academic subject for a while as there are things such as grammar, spellings and punctuation that are tested and if you aren’t confident in these areas then it is easy to make mistakes. It is advised that you practice the government literacy skills test on the STA website and then use our free literacy skills test resources to give you more to practice.

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