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Teacher Training

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Whether you are looking for teacher training interview question or support with your initial teacher training, QTS Maths Tutor is here to help. Our service has been working with prospective teachers for many years. We help people prepare for their initial teacher training interviews including resources and support for the teacher training tests.


What sort of teacher training interview questions will I get?

You are likely to get asked why you have chosen a career in teaching, your experiences of school in the past and your chosen subject. You will get asked more broad questions as well about the challenges that teachers face as well as the issues within the education system.

Do you have teacher training questions and answers as well as common interview questions?

Yes contact us for a full resource list of the common interview questions you are likely to receive.

Does every teacher training provider make you sit a maths and English test at Interview?

Yes, it is commonplace for initial teacher training providers to present prospective trainees with a numeracy and literacy test irrespective of your GCSE qualifications. We believe this will become even more important following the end of the QTS skills tests.


What support is there to help me with my teacher training maths test?

We provide all sorts of support from practise materials to expert tutors to help you prepare for your initial teacher training maths test.

Can you help with my initial teacher training English test?

Yes, we have support materials for literacy as well as numeracy. We also have expert literacy tutors to help you prepare for your initial teacher training interview.