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Welcome to QTS Maths Tutor, the place to find the best support for trainee teachers looking to pass their GCSE equivalency tests. We work with thousands of trainees each year, providing practice papers and in some cases one to one tuition, for both the numeracy and literacy tests. We also work with initial teacher training providers and Universities to ensure that prospective teachers have the required levels of numeracy and literacy to perform their professional role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help the trainees in our school?

We can provide revision books, online practice tests, online resources and one to one tuition for both maths and English. We can create logins for your trainees and monitor their progress across a range of fundamental skills including: ratio, percentages, fractions, decimals, basic arithmetic, punctuation, grammar, spelling and comprehension. These are all skills that trainee teachers require and teacher training providers now responsible to ensure certain levels of attainment are reached and we can help you with benchmarking this.

Do you work directly with alliances, SCITTs and Universities? 

Yes we work directly with a number of teaching alliances and course providers across the country. We create bespoke support packages for each one to cater to the needs of their trainees. We also provide support in preparing for and booking GCSE equivalency tests to prospective trainees recommended to us by a number of providers.

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Can we trial your service before paying?

Yes we can set up logins for all of our resources so that your course coordinator can work through and view all of the materials to see how useful they are.

What is your success rate?

From those who use our tailored system and complete the tests and exercises set out, all make progress and the vast majority attain the required level in maths and English without requirement for further intervention.

How are your GCSE Equivalency tests carried out?

We work with MME who are the leading provider of GCSE equivalency tests in the country and the only Ofqual regulated provider.

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