QTS Maths User Guidance notes

Welcome to the QTS Maths Tutor free numeracy test where you will see 12 mental arithmetic practice questions followed by 16 written questions designed to help you prepare for your teacher training interview maths test and GCSE equivalency maths test.

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The following notes are designed to help you to input your answers in the correct format. PLEASE READ.
  1. To sit our practice tests like the real exam do not pause the test at any point and it will work in the same way as the real thing! The pause button can be used if you are in 'practice mode'which has been designed to help get your numeracy ready for the test.
  2. If a question which have multiple answers simply tick all correct answers.
  3. NO answer requires units e.g. 20% would be just 20 in the answer box, £30 would be 30.
  4. If your answer is a decimal e.g. 0.22, then please ensure you use a decimal point within your answer otherwise it will be marked as incorrect.
  5. If sitting the test like a mock exam then you shouldn't pause the timer at any stage. If you want to work through the questions in your own time then we suggest you use enter our practice mode.
Section 1: Mental Arithmetic
  • This section is composed of 12 mental arithmetic questions, each lasting 18 seconds after the second repeat of the question.
  • Each question is worth 1 mark.
  • You may use paper for rough working during the test.
  • Answer all questions in the order they appear.
  • If your time runs out on a question, the next question will automatically start.
  • Once the mental arithmetic section is complete you will not be allowed to return to this section.
  • Calculators must not be used.
Section 2: Written Questions
  • This section is composed of 18 onscreen questions. You have 36 minutes to answer all of these questions.
  • Each question is worth 1 mark.
  • You may use paper for rough working during the test.
  • Questions can be answered in any order.
  • Calculators may be used.
Practice Mode: (Members Only)
  • If you want to use the tests for simply practising questions as opposed to sitting a full mock test then select practice mode and the timer will be removed so that questions don't automatically skip like they do in the actual test.
  • To skip questions in the mental arithmetic section simply click on any number and go straight to that question. To go straight to the onscreen questions click 'Skip Section'.
  • You can access the correct answers to the test as you go along by simply clicking the 'answers' button.

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