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Professional Literacy Skills Tests and Practice Questions


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Read independent customer reviews from both of our QTS skills test services. We are the best rated provider of numeracy and literacy skills practice tests as well as one to one tuition.

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The QTS Literacy Skills Test

At QTS Maths Tutor we look to help prospective teachers with both the numeracy and literacy skills tests. This is our dedicated page for people preparing to sit their qts literacy skills test so that you can get all the information you need in one place. We also have a dedicated numeracy skills test service which will give you all the information you need for this exam.


Whether you are looking for a literacy skills test tutor in London or Leeds we can help. Our team of expert literacy skills test tutors will help you with the government tests and will provide additional revision materials to help you prepare more effectively. If you are looking for literacy skills practice tests then we recommend the STA website. If you are interested in booking a literacy skills tutor then submit a form by following the link below.

The QTS Literacy Resources


The QTS Literacy Skills Test Information

Who has to pass the literacy skills test?

All prospective teachers who want to work in England comprehensive schools as a qualified teacher must pass both the numeracy and literacy skills tests. You sit the two QTS skills tests separately.

What is the literacy skills test pass mark?

The pass mark for the literacy skills test varies depending on the difficulty of the test on the day you sit it, so it is standardised against other tests people have sat. However it is reported to be in the region of 60-65%.

Do you have QTS literacy skills test tutors who can help? 

Yes we have qualified literacy skills English tutors in most area of the country who can help you to pass your exam. If you are looking for a literacy skills tutor in London or Leeds, or any major city then QTS Maths Tutor can help.

What content will there be in my qts English exam?

There are a number of different types of questions that can come up but these will all fall under one of the following topics which will in total be worth between 41 and 49 marks:

  • Spelling- Is worth 10 marks
  • Grammar – Is 10-12 marks
  • Punctuation- 15 marks
  • Comprehension – 10-12 marks

The spelling part of the test is the only part in which you have to answer each question in turn and you are unable to go back to previous questions in this section.  English American and UK English versions of words are both accepted so stabilise and stabilize would both be acceptable spellings for example.

How many attempts do I have at the professional skills tests?

You get as many attempts as you require to pass both professional skills tests but training providers will set a deadline by which the test has to be passed.

Is the QTS literacy skills test hard?

Some people find the qts English test difficult whilst others who tend to have a lot of recent experience studying English don’t find it as tricky. Both qts skills tests are considered tricky by most people and it is essential that you practise and get the right support if you are struggling.

How do I prepare for the literacy skills test?

The 4 qts literacy practice tests on the government site are a must in order to get use to the format of the exam and from there on learning the knowledge and content for the exam is essential. Take a look at the list of documents below which will give you even more information about how to prepare for your literacy skills test.

> Literacy Skills Test specification and content

> QTS literacy skills test features and format

> Glossary of terms to learn

Are there are any QTS literacy skills practice tests?

Yes you can access these via governments, DfE STA website. We have also developed some literacy skills test revision matrerials which you can access for free via this page.

How do I book my QTS Literacy skills test?

You can book your exam through the learn direct website. More information about what you will need in order to book your literacy skills test can be found in the document below.

> Preparing for the literacy skills test

How will your literacy skills tutor help?

Whether you are looking or a literacy skills tutor in Leeds or in London, our tutors can help. They can either focus on the areas that you know you are weaker on or take you through the entire content that you need to know for the exam. If you are looking for a qts English tutor then get in touch today.

At QTS Maths Tutor we are committed to helping prospective teachers prepare for their QTS Skills Tests. Whether you need more help with your numeracy skills test in the form of excellent resources or you are looking for a literacy skills test tutor in London or where ever, QTS Maths Tutor can help. Take a look at our free literacy skills test resources and why not have a go at our free numeracy skills test. Whatever help you require with your professional skills tests, we can help.

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