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The Top 10 Numeracy Skills Test Topics

By QTS Maths Tutor|2018-12-21T14:53:00+00:00December 21st, 2018|Categories: Practice Questions|

There are many different maths topics that appear in the professional numeracy skills test. The following list are the top 10 that we think are the most popular:

  1. Percentages Fractions and Ratio Questions (Written)
  2. Percentages Fractions and Ratio Questions (Mental Arithmetic)
  3. Addition Multiplication and Long Division (Mental)
  4. Conversions
  5. Two-way Scatter Graphs
  6. Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots
  7. Other Tables and Charts
  8. General Equations
  9. Two Way Tables
  10. Dates and Times

All of these topics can be revised via the QTS Maths Tutor YouTube channel as well as through our numeracy skills practice tests and revision tests.

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