Unlike most other providers out there, at QTS Maths Tutor we update our numeracy skills practice tests on a regular basis. We have new question types which have appeared in this month’s test. Our tests help our students to become numeracy ready so that they can pass the numeracy skills test. There are many resources out there for the professional QTS Skills Tests including the free government tests on the STA site and providers who charge such as numeracy ready, G&A numerical and sites like QTS Maths Test.com. The issues with most of these tests is that they are not updated on a regular basis and therefore their usefulness decays over time. As far as we are aware, QTS Maths Tutor are the only provider of tests and tuition in the entire country who actually keep the tests relevant with monthly updates including new question types. In the last month it has been reported that there has been more area and perimeter questions on the tests and as a result we have updated our test packages and given existing and new members an entirely new revision test for free!!! On top of the 21 tests there are now 9 topic revision tests to help you practice your weaker areas. Each of our 670 questions is accompanied by a model solution and an answer sheet. Whether it is mental arithmetic questions you need help with or fractions, percentage and decimal conversion, then QTS Maths Tutor is here to help!