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What should I do if I am thinking about booking my numeracy skills test?

By QTS Maths Tutor|2019-04-24T14:24:00+00:00April 24th, 2019|Categories: Numeracy Skills Blog|
If you feel that you are ready to sit your numeracy skills test, you will need to head over to the Department of Education website, register your details and book your numeracy skills test at your local centre. It is worth remembering that you have three, free attempts at the numeracy skills test, after that you will be required to pay for every test that you sit. QTS Maths Tutor is the UK’s leading provider of practice tests, resources and private tuition. If you are considering taking the numeracy skills test, come to the highest rated service in the whole country. If you are thinking of booking the numeracy skills test, take a look at our excellent online resources, you may just thank us later. QTS Maths Tutor offers 21 outstanding practice tests, these tests are designed to mirror questions and topics that are actually used in the real thing, what better way to begin your preparation for the numeracy skills test then trying the free online practice test on the QTS Maths Tutor website. Once you have taken the free online practice test, you can register to access all 21 of the practice tests, which come accompanied by detailed answer sheets, model solutions and even video solutions. To book an expert numeracy skills test tutor, contact QTS Maths Tutor today.

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